Come Full Circuit

FreeMotion is one of the first and only full circuits of integrated functional training equipment in the industry. The fluid, articulating pulleys and extensive cable travel allow for a wide range of motion that give users the versatility to enhance the way their body moves in real-life situations. Each machine in the 18-piece line requires virtually no adjustments, allowing for quick and easy entrance/exit of the equipment. FreeMotion is designed to accommodate the diverse membership of today's facilities. Built with a space-optimizing footprint, FreeMotion is manufactured with the highest standards of quality and durability.

FreeMotion Fitness: 877-363-8449

Not in a Pinch

York Barbell applied an ingenious innovation to the grip plate and developed the ISO-Grip Plate, an ultra maneuverable "anti-pinch" plate. The ISO-Grip Plate is an answer to a 360-degree, easy pickup plate, cleverly achieved by casting the hub thicker than the rim. The benefit of a thicker hub and a streamlined rim is this anti-pinch nature of using the plates and a comfortable grip. The steel composite casting fortifies the structural integrity of the ISO-Grip Plate. Plates are standard size and available in increments in 2.5 pounds through 45 pounds.

York Barbell Company: 800-358-9675

Modular Machines

Endorphin's new cardiovascular line can be customized to meet the needs and budget of your facility. Modular technology means that you can choose the resistance system and frame. The equipment is wheelchair-accessible so that all of your members can achieve their fitness goals. The new 370 series (shown) is the only upper- and lower-body muscle-conditioning platform that provides a height-adjustable upper module and a 360-degree rotating seat. The modules are controlled independently for a customized workout. Endorphin has been in business for 20 years and offers an industry-best warranty.

Endorphin Corporation: 800-940-9844

Treadmills with a long track record

Landice has been manufacturing high-quality treadmills for more than 35 years. Made in the United States, Landice stands behind its products with a five-year commercial warranty. It makes treadmills specifically for the rehabilitation/medical, recreation center and club markets. All Landice treadmills come with 3-horsepower drive motors, reversible decks, four-ply treadbelts, no-rust aluminum frames and user load ratings of up to 500 pounds. Options include color displays, contact heart rate, remote start/stop switch, multiple programs and 0.1-mph start speed.

Landice Treadmills: 800-LANDICE (526-3423)

Bring on the Athletes

BolonĀ® woven vinyl sisal flooring from Mats Inc. is a frequent choice of health club and spa managers who wish to create a warm, rich environment. BolonĀ® provides exceptional comfort underfoot, dries quickly and features a nonslip surface. High levels of sound absorption keep ambient and footstep noise to a minimum too. More modern-looking than carpet and more colorful than natural sisal, the variety of design options available with Bolon and its ability to stand up to heavy traffic conditions are what make it such an appealing flooring alternative. Choose from a diverse palette of colors and weaves.

Mats, Inc.: 800-628-7462

Ball Carts

Good training equipment, like med balls, does not come cheap, and sometimes it seems like it grows legs and walks (or rolls) away. Or maybe your gym, court or weight room is cluttered and a safety hazard. Clean up the floor and protect your equipment investment with a secure ball and equipment storage system. The Power Systems' Secure Medicine Ball Cart can hold and transport more than two dozen balls including medicine balls, basketballs, footballs, volleyballs and other training equipment. This cage-like cart is constructed from 1-inch welded steel tubing and has a swing top that can be securely padlocked.

Power Systems, Inc.: 800-321-6975

Space-Saving System

The new, space-saving Star Trac EliteTM CrossTrainerTM delivers on the user-focused features of the Pro Series bikes and treadmills, including intuitive displays and personal fans. The Soft Trac pedals provide a large, cushioned area for comfortable and safe foot placement throughout the workout. SelectFitTM , the innovative feature found exclusively on the Elite CrossTrainer, provides the benefit of choosing either a "pulling" or "pushing" upper-body motion. This also allows exercisers to disengage the upper-body arm motion to concentrate solely on a lower-body movement.

Star Trac: 800-228-6635

Exercise at the Push of a Button

The fully electronic PowerTower from efi Sports Medicine delivers level changes at the touch of a button, no longer requiring users to get on or off the unit between exercises. This results in a more comfortable exercise experience with fewer transitions. PowerTower encourages functional exercise by using body weight as resistance. Like other Total Gym models, the free-motion glideboard allows for movement in all planes of motion. Other features include an adjustable telescoping squat stand, built-in pull-up bars and a fold-away foot holder. It also complements Pilates accessories and includes an exercise manual grouped by muscle and a Pilates repertoire.

efi Sports Medicine, Inc.: 800-541-4900