Easy Chairs

The new 3 Row Tip & Roll complete with the comfort of BleaChair is available in all five BleaChair colors (navy, red, royal blue, gray and green). The 21-seat unit shown is the Tip & Roll aluminum bleacher with BleaChair comfort seating attached. The unit is constructed from lightweight aluminum and is portable. Simply pick up the front and roll it away. Used both indoors and out, this seating option will add comfort to both players and spectators and will improve the appearance of your facility. It comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturer's defects. Other sizes are available.

Seating Solutions: 877-725-3242

Site Furnishings With Insight

Take a nationally renowned design firm's creative flare, incorporate just the right amount of landscape architect sensibility and mix in more than three decades of site furnishing experience, and you have Clean City's inspiration blueprint for three new site furnishing product lines. Graceful curves and glossy metal accents are the hallmarks of the Balance Line. The Harmony Line of benches and receptacles enhances settings with curves of stone or concrete complementing sturdy steel panels. In this line, the Pooch Station elegantly deals with pet waste. The Symmetry Line features architecturally inspired elements that combine the looks of stone and steel.

City Clean by Landscape Brands: 314-652-8622

Load ‘Em Up

From the inception of the skid-steer loader nearly 50 years ago, Bobcat Company constantly has improved by incorporating innovative technological advances to its compact equipment. The tradition continues with the new K-Series skid-steer loaders (S130 through S300), compact track loaders (T140 through T300) and the A300 all-wheel steer loader. New to the K-Series loaders is the SmartFAN cooling system, a hydraulically driven cooling fan that senses machine operating temperatures and then self-regulates to rotate only as fast as it needs to. Bobcat upgraded the drive chains size on K-Series large-frame loaders and added K-Fore hydraulic systems to K-Series medium-frame loaders.

Bobcat Company: 866-823-7898

Water Cooler Control

Halsey Taylor offers a new line of vandal-resistant coolers designed for a wide variety of applications. The new stainless-steel coolers combine the most preferred features from several of Halsey Taylor's most popular models. The HVR series coolers are rugged, yet attractive vandal-resistant units that meet ADA requirements for both children and adults and are rated for indoor and outdoor service. The HVR Water Coolers are available as a single and bi-level, barrier-free unit. Vandal-resistant features include a chrome-plated bubbler, single-action mechanical push-buttons that require no grasping or twisting, a heavy-duty 16-gauge galvanized frame, and vandal-resistant pinned torx screws.

Halsey Taylor: 630-574-3500

Hand Dryers

Bradley Corp. has added two warm-air hand dryers (models 2898 and 2899) to its line of restroom accessories. Both surface-mounted units are less than 4 inches deep to conform with ADA protrusion requirements. The new hand dryers feature infrared sensors that activate the dryer when hands are placed 3 to 6 inches below the nozzle, for touch-free use. Each unit automatically adjusts voltage to all power conditions. Model 2899 dries hands in less than 25 seconds and is available in porcelain-coated steel and brushed or polished stainless steel. Model 2898 has a cover constructed of powder-coated zinc.

Bradley Corporation: 800-BRADLEY (272-3539)

Sneak Learning Into Play

What's more rewarding than to witness children learn as they play? The new BCI Burke Educational Panels encourage excitement and promote knowledge while encouraging children to interact with others through collaborative question-and-answer games based on the themes of the panels. The routed sections are offered in a variety of color combinations and five different styles. For example, the two-sided Name the States Panel engages children to learn the names, locations and year admitted to the Union of the 50 U.S. states, while the Solar System panel stimulates a love of science through learning about the planets and their relation to Earth.

BCI Burke Company, LLC: 800-266-1250

Easy Edging

With the new John Deere XT140SSELE professional-grade stick edger, edging never has been easier. This powerful maintenance tool allows operators to maneuver neatly around beds and gives grassy areas next to walks, curbs and drives that just-manicured look. Powered by a 25.6-cc, low-emission M-Series engine, the unit is efficient, quiet and durable. The large guide wheel makes for fast and easy edging, and its straight 59-inch shaft provides twice the torque of the traditional curved-shaft edger. The extra power helps the 8-inch blade hack through tough turf, while the adjustable depth control lets operators cut as deep as 2.25 inches.

John Deere: 800-537-8233

Touch-Free Faucets

Sloan Valve Company offers two new chrome-plated brass hand-washing faucets that automatically deliver either tempered or hot/cold water. Electronic pedestal model SF-2100 runs off a 6 VCD plug-in transformer with battery backup, and model SF-2150 is battery-powered. The faucets operate by means of an infrared sensor. When the user enters the sensor's effective range, the solenoid activates the water flow. The faucet automatically turns off when the user steps away. This prevents recontamination from touching a handle to turn off water after washing. Automatic operation also conserves water and reduces maintenance and operational costs.

Sloan Valve Company: 800-982-5839