Climb Up and In

The climbing wall from Grip-it Adventures is not your ordinary climbing wall. Grip-It's Kid Climb systems provide children with the opportunity to climb the outside of the wall or to go inside the wall and climb in the caves. Grip-it Adventures also offers a wide range of vertical climbing walls, ropes courses and gear.

Grip-it Adventures: 877-510-2084

Shapely Climber

Matrix MountainTM from Wow Playgrounds astounds kids of all ages. With more than 1 billion possible color combinations and configurations, the basic climber that used the geodesic cube design can be incorporated as a climber attached to a modular playground or as a transition event between two modular playgrounds or free-standing. This is all with the climbing challenge of being up, down, inside-out with attached hand-holds, openings and foot rests, so that no two climbs are the same.

WOW Playgrounds: 866-WOW-PLAY

Realistic Boulders

Sport Rock Intl., Inc., a leading manufacturer of climbing walls, has developed an incredibly realistic boulder with a superior aesthetic appearance and the real feel of natural rock surface. The boulders are manufactured using a specially formulated ceramic-based resin with a reinforced interior laminate for strength and durability, then shipped in one piece to your destination. The Sierra is the largest boulder at 8 feet wide by 20 feet long by 9 feet high. The Summit (pictured) is 8 feet wide by 9 feet long by 9 feet high. The Cascade series is the smallest set of three graduated boulders.

Sport Rock Intl., Inc.: 805-434-2305

Cool Climbing

Innovative Rock Climbing offers the new HydroMist Climbing Wall, a truly cool experience. The HydroMist is a fun and challenging rock climbing wall that cools off climbers with a very fine mist of water as they make their way to the top. The mist evaporates in the air. The HydroMist Climbing Wall is a refreshing choice for parks interested in adding a fun water feature to their attraction base. The HydroMist and Hydrophobia Climbing Walls are patented systems in the United States and internationally.

Innovative Rock Climbing: 407-370-0715

Just Like a Rock

The Rock, from Landscape Structures, looks and climbs like real rock and is just as tough. It is constructed from glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) over a sturdy steel frame and measures 8 feet 4 inches high, 13 feet 9 inches long, and more than 8 feet wide. The GFRC surface is incredibly strong, and the material gets harder with age. The Rock is shipped in one piece to the installation site where it can be placed on a prepared surface using a Lull-type forklift. It comes in a choice of a lighter or darker tone.

Landscape Structures: 888-4FUNLSI

Bring Outdoor Fun Inside

Playworld Systems, Inc. brings the fun of outdoor play inside with its new Indoor Climbing Walls. Designed to make climbing fun for all ages but also created to adapt to space requirements, they provide vertical and horizontal obstacles that challenge children both physically and mentally. Muscle strength, balance and problem-solving skills play vital roles as kids make their way to the top of the wall. Hand-held grips come in three sizes and can be arranged in four positions, depending on the experience and age of the child. The walls work great in schools, YMCAs and other indoor fitness facilities.

Playworld Systems, Inc.: 800-233-8404

Take a Turn

The Treadwall® and the KidWallTM are among the only rotating climbing walls in the world designed for kids' fitness. They are used worldwide in schools, recreation centers and kid fitness centers. All ages are happily accommodated. Gravity is used instead of motors for safe, trouble-free operation. An innovative self-pacing control allows kids to climb at their own pace or continuously and to train in a variety of fun and challenging ways. Indoor and outdoor models are available for flexible placement, as well as trailers for portable operation.

Brewer’s Ledge, Inc.: 800-707-9616

Change is Good

The Eldorado Chameleon Climbing System is a cost-effective modular climbing system available as a 360-degree tower or 180-degree panel system at 14, 21, 28 or 35 feet tall. A new flat panel is available that expands the Chameleon to fit a linear wall. The unit is great for recreation centers, schools, camps and resorts. Eldorado, a leader in climbing walls for more than 10 years, offers complete "turnkey" packages including training, installation and all equipment. Custom design walls also are available.

Eldorado Wall Company: 303-447-0512