Lines Made Easy

Newstripe offers its new self-propelled Eco-Liner SP to its popular Eco-Liner family of field-markers. This new machine retains all the outstanding features of the gasoline-powered Eco-Liner II, plus it adds the speed and convenience of being self-propelled. Weighing in at only 125 pounds, the Eco-Liner SP is one of the most maneuverable and easy to control field-marking machines available. It will out-perform machines that cost hundreds of dollars more. Both the Eco-Liner II and Eco-Liner SP models incorporate a direct-drive industrial-grade diaphragm pump coupled to a 3.5-horsepower engine, providing paint pressure up to 60 psi, and cleanup is a snap.

Newstripe: 800-624-6706

Give Them a Brake

The Cross Alert active signaling system provides warning to moving vehicles that a recreational trail user is approaching the intersection. The device is a solar-powered, motion-activated, radio-controlled system designed to provide enhanced visibility at road/path intersections where visibility is poor and signaling does not exist. Solar power and radio communication eliminates the need for trenches or overhead wires. Flashing beacons activate only when motion is detected. An integrated trail counter is included with the system.

Cross Alert Systems: 866-276-7725

Rack it Up

CoverSports USA offers its new SafeRack for gym floor covers. This new design prevents rollers from dislodging from the saddle holder during operation or other handling. Vinyl end caps on rollers protect from sharp edges. It is one of the safest gym floor cover racks available.

CoverSports USA: 800-445-6680

A Step Up

Step aerobics exploded on the fitness scene more than 20 years ago, and with it came one of the most versatile and useful pieces of equipment: the adjustable step. The Original Health Club Step (purple/teal or black/gray) can be used for step training, as a strength bench, inclining or declining bench, plyometrics, circuit training, and more. Power Systems has an extensive selection of steps to meet your facility's training needs.

Power Systems: 800-321-6975

Spray System

Midwest Industrial Supply Inc., a world-leading producer of environmentally safe dust- and soil-erosion-control products, manufactures the Wolverine E-SprayTM System designed and built for military and non-military purposes. The self-contained spray system fits on the open bed of a HMMWV Model A2 Series heavy mobile multipurpose wheeled vehicle used in military operations or can be customized to fit commercial vehicles. Efficiently dispensing Midwest Industrial's environmentally safe dust and soil-control products—such as Soil-Sement®, EnviroKleen® and EK35®—the system is equipped with a chemical holding tank, tool box, diesel-engine-driven pump, mechanical and electrical controls, and spraying equipment.

Midwest Industrial Supply: 800-321-0699

Do You Do Takeout?

Pactiv offers its new Versatainer® Oval Containers from Newspring®, a practical choice in containers for hot menu items. They give operators everything they've come to expect in a microwaveable container and more. They are available in a variety of sizes from 6 ounces to 32 ounces and are effective for both side items and entrees, from dumplings and salsas to eggplant parmesan and stir-fry. They withstand microwave temperatures up to 250şF, are dishwasher-safe, have a leak-resistant seal as well as stackable lids and bases, and come in multiple colors.

Pactiv Corporation: 800-476-4300

Power Rake

The Preseeder® Compact Power Rake provides seedbed preparation for small yards. It also can refurbish existing turf. It's 36-inch-wide rake transports easily in pickup beds, and it has a 13-horsepower Honda engine, hydrostatic drive with reverse. Left and right angles are changed from handlebars, and it offers a 10-position adjustable working depth. The helical tooth pattern provides smooth operation.

ATI Corporation: 800-342-0905

Keep Ice Nice

The C-Kure® Ice Tote from C & K Products Division of Tomlinson Industries is an ice container designed specifically to provide sanitary ice transportation. It helps eliminate the potential that ice will become a source of contamination in food preparation areas and is clearly marked "ice only." Ergonomically designed, the Ice Tote features a heavy-gauge stainless-steel wire handle with an ergonomic grip to ensure easy of transport. An indentation on the base of the tote provides additional stability when pouring. The unit has a 6-gallon capacity that can transport 25 pounds of ice and is manufactured using NSF-approved materials.

Tomlinson Industries: 800-821-7795