Zip It

GameTime is pleased to announce its all-new Zip SlideTM , which is available in multiple deck heights and in both single- and double-slide configurations. The new slide is steeper than other slides available, with a decline angle of 45 degrees, as opposed to most slides with a 30-degree to 35-degree angle, which allows a faster descent and a more modern look than other slides. The run out is designed to slow riders at the end to allow comfortable exits and is equipped with drain paths to help prevent water from accumulating. The plastic hood features overhead handholds to aid children as they get into a seated position and is designed to minimize the possibility of children in wheelchairs from inadvertently entering the bed way.

GameTime: 870-235-2440

Climb to the Stars

BCI Burke's StarNetTM Climbers bring a new dimension to playground fun—the feeling of climbing in free space. These interactive 3-D webs bring movement, balance, exercise and exhilaration to any playground and are constructed using the strongest play ropes and rope connections in the industry. Backed by the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, StarNet cables are weather-, corrosion- and vandal-resistant as well as UV-protected to prevent premature fading.

BCI Burke: 800-266-1250

It's a Jungle in There

Playworld Systems offers PlayWeb, a new rope-climbing system that's a cross between a jungle gym and an alien spider web. The outer shell is steel tubing, while the inner portion is made of rope netting, creating a fun, exciting and challenging climbing experience for children ages 5 and up. It encourages physical stimulation and social activity by providing a secure structure that gives children nearly three times the play volume as that of other rope configurations of the same height. This new structure is easily adaptable to all playground environments and needs minimal space and is visually appealing.

Playworld Systems: 800-233-8404

Inspired Activity

HAGS UniPlay, developed for children ages 5 to 12, is a fantastic source of inspiration for physical activity. Playgrounds that attract children and encourage them to watch, touch, explore and play also arouse their understanding of shapes, colors and beauty and help develop growing bodies and social skills. Exciting new play features, such as Maze, Rondo and DuckWalk, ensure fun and excitement. HAGS UniMini creates endless possibilities for children ages 2 to 5 and offers a complete range of play that takes various phases of age, growth and challenge into consideration. In the universe of UniMini, fantasy can become reality.

HAGS USA: 888-458-2752

Double Climbing

WingWalls are independent climbing structures 6 feet tall by 8 feet wide, with climbing on both sides. Mounted on a central pole, these innovative structures can be reoriented anytime by staff into new, locked positions creating a fresh playground. They have climbable features, grab rings at each end that encourage movement between wings, optional colors, and 32 modular holds with custom anti-spin technology. The surface is roto-molded UV-resistant polyethylene with a galvanized steel structure. They are built to ASTM/CPSC requirements by Brewer's Ledge, a company that's been designing innovative climbing walls for more than 13 years.

Brewer’s Ledge: 800-707-9616

Play for a Lifetime

Safeplay Systems is one of the only commercial playground manufacturers offering a playground that will stand up to the harshest coastal applications and still outlast its 50-year warranty. The combination of post-consumer HDPE (milk jugs) and stainless steel gives customers in any environment a forever playground.

Safeplay Systems: 800-260-7218

One Stop for Play

International Play Company designs, manufactures and installs children's play structures for parks, schools, hotels and resorts, campgrounds, and more worldwide. Both indoor and outdoor designs are available with innovative styling. Outdoor designs can have tube and triple rails slides; curly, board and snake climbs; pod steps; pendulum bridges; various play panels; ADA transfer stations and plastic roof top covers. It's all high-quality equipment built to last with heavy-duty powder-coated steel, a proprietary clamping system, UV-resistance and roto-mold plastics. International Play Co. adheres to ASTM, CPRA, IPEMA safety guidelines and has in-house playground safety inspectors. Complimentary design and consultation available.

International Play Company Inc.: 604-882-1188