One-Component Adhesive

Nordot® Adhesive #113D is a one-component elastomeric urethane adhesive with excellent adhesion and flexibility, which lets the wood expand and contract without breaking. Shown here is a parquet wood gymnasium floor being installed using Nordot®. The adhesive fights mold, is VOC-compliant, does not contain flammable or toxic solvents, and is low-hazard with a negligible odor. Nordot® Adhesive #113D bonds wood, rubber, vinyl, urethane/rubber sport surfaces and flooring to concrete, wood and metal subsurfaces.

Synthetic Surfaces: 908-233-6803

A Floor That Scores

When it comes to athletic flooring, Parterre knows the score. Whether it's the lobby, the court, the juice bar or the locker room, Parterre Flooring offers attractive design combined with the superior durability, long life and easy maintenance of vinyl. Parterre's Compete Sports Floor provides high-performance characteristics including slip-resistance and shock-absorption. Its strength and 15-year limited warranty ensure a long life cycle. The company also offers a complete line of stone tile and wood plank vinyl flooring that now only looks great but also wears and cleans well, a major advantage over porous surfaces like wood and carpet.

Parterre Flooring Systems: 888-338-1029

Hardwood Floors

The new FieldTurf Tarkett leads off its sports flooring venture with a new hard court line of lighter, cleaner, denser, all Northern Maple sports products that provide higher shock-absorption and better ball rebound. The products meet or exceed all MFMA guidelines with a more consistent grading and longer board length. All of FieldTurf Tarkett's hardwood court systems are laid by certified installers. FieldTurf Tarkett also offers superior customer protection, with a new groundbreaking warranty.

FieldTurf Tarkett: 514-904-2590

Finishing Systems

Bona Sport®, a division of BonaKemi USA, Inc., offers complete hardwood sport floor finishing systems. Minimize risk with products designed to work together for each step of the finishing process. Bona Sport® provides precision sanding equipment, durable abrasives, a rainbow of game line paints engineered specifically for the waterborne and oil-modified finishes, the highest quality sealers and finishes available, and a fast and effective maintenance system. Bona Sport® systems consistently result in championship appearance and performance for high schools, colleges and NBA arenas.

BonaKemi USA, Inc.: 800-872-5515