To the Rescue

Lifesaving Resources offers its new ANSI Powerboat Jacket. This U.S. Coast Guard-approved Type III Personal Floatation Device is effective for shore-based and boat-based rescue crews, as well as marina personnel and boat operators. The ANSI Powerboat Float Coat provides warmth and visibility to the wearer while on land and buoyancy and extended hypothermia protection while in the water. It's available in sizes A-XXXL, with multiple pockets, inside cinch strap, zipper front and more. Shown here are the recent graduates and faculty from the Lifesaving Resources' 2006 Ice Rescue Train-the-Trainer Weekend in Hancock, N.H.

Lifesaving Resources, Inc.: 603-827-4139

Cleaner for Sandy Conditions

Lightweight and easily maneuverable, the Barber Sand Man operates in a variety of sand conditions and applications including infield maintenance, playgrounds, volleyball courts, golf-course bunkers and beaches. The Sand Man can remove the smallest of debris including: broken glass, plastic, cigarette butts, pop-tops, shells, stones and wood.

H. Barber & Sons, Inc.: 800-355-8318

Access Mats

DMS, Inc. offers Mobi-Mat, a ground cover designed to provide temporary or permanent access on unstable surfaces such as sand, mud or snow. It provides safety and comfort to all users, pedestrians, cyclists, wheelchairs, strollers, etc. This durable solution allows you to get visitors with disabilities and vehicles into natural environments in a way you haven't been able to before. Easy to install on any type of ground with a minimum of preparation, it is light, durable and also available in ready-to-use kits.

DMS, Inc.: 973-237-0691