On Temporary Ice

NiceRink outdoor ice rink systems provides temporary outdoor ice rink piece of mind. The patented NiceRink bracket side board support system, combined with NiceRinks' ultra-strong, puncture- and tear-resistant super-white liners, make for one of the best temporary rink designs ever devised. Once the rink is in place, use the patented NiceIce resurfacer to smooth over any rink in less time and using less water, with less effort. Check out the new plastic boards exclusively for the NiceRink bracket system.

NiceRink: 888-NICERINK (642-3746)

Safe Viewing

ACRYLITE® RinkShieldTM acrylic sheet is among the first acrylic sheets engineered specifically for spectator shielding in hockey rinks and indoor arenas. Weighing 100 pounds less per pane than glass, RinkShield sheet offers outstanding impact resistance with less rigidity, helping to reduce player complaints and injuries. Meeting ASTM and NHL standards, RinkShield sheet provides superior optical clarity and abrasion-resistance, making it effective for all indoor sports, including hockey, lacrosse and indoor soccer. RinkShield sheet currently is being used by the Air Canada Centre, home of the Toronto Maple Leafs, and many other high-profile arenas across North America.

CYRO Industries: 800-631-5384

Rink Dehumidifiers

Concepts and Designs is a premier supplier of gas, steam or electric reactivated desiccant dehumidifiers for humidity control in ice arenas. Units are equipped to reduce humidity levels and refrigeration operating costs, to prevent mold, improve indoor air quality, and eliminate indoor condensation on the building and the boards. Systems include outdoor air ventilation coupled with heating and cooling if required. Concepts and Designs has provided equipment for more than 300 skating surfaces throughout North America. Equipment is capable of controlling humidity in everything from small recreational rinks to major 20,000-seat spectator arenas.

Concepts and Designs: 248-344-7236

Lower Humidity

Des Champs offers two dehumidification systems for ice rinks. The Wringer®3000 and Wringer®3000 Plus (with energy recovery) desiccant dehumidifiers deliver dry air to maintain ice hardness, limit fogging and maintain structure integrity while minimizing energy costs. Both systems have up to three operational modes: 1) unoccupied mode, using 100 percent recirculation air; 2) normal occupied or practice, using minimum ventilation air; and 3) event, using 100 percent of ASHRAE/IBC recommended ventilation air. Features include a state-of-the-art DDC control system for positive rink dew point control (32 degrees to 38 degrees Fahrenheit) and supplemental winter heating with indirect-fired gas, hot water, steam or electric.

Des Champs Technologies: 540-291-1111

Get More From Your Ice

Ice DeckTM converts ice rinks for multipurpose use. Ice arenas can generate extra revenue when they're usable for a wide variety of non-ice events without the need to remove the ice. When you use Ice Deck TM from Covermaster® your ice rink virtually becomes a multiuse facility. Ice Deck TM consists of lightweight 4-foot-by-8-foot Homasote panels in 1-inch thickness. The panels are moisture-resistant, thermal-insulating and are installed quickly and easily right over the ice. Ice Deck TM can be used again and again, either by itself or with the use of a Covermaster® protective cover to create a more decorative effect.

Covermaster: 800-387-5808


Looking to speed up your ice paint application process? Jet Ice Limited, one of the world's largest suppliers of quality ice paint, has developed a new product, the Paint Stick. This innovative product is designed to allow one technician to accurately apply lines and circles on the ice surface. The Paint Stick design is lightweight, offers the flexibility to adjust the liquid paint flow and best of all, allows the technician to stand upright during the application process.

Jet Ice: 905-853-4204