Fabric Finishes

Universal Fabric Structures offers SporthallTM , used for aquatics centers across North America. Sporthall offers a broad selection of structures and sizes in aluminum or steel construction with numerous finishing options such as insulation, retractable wall systems, HVAC, lighting systems, doors, and a variety of outer fabrics and inner liners to meet the needs of aquatic climates. In addition, Sporthall offers technically advanced pre-engineered solutions that use premium architectural membranes specific for tension structures. The structures are designed and engineered for extreme climates, wind and snow loads in adherence with strict international standards and codes.

Universal Fabric Structures: 800-634-8368

Fine Lines

Newstripe now offers the improved NewLiner Heavy Duty dry line marking machines. They are effective for lining athletic fields, running tracks, golf-course bounds and even parking areas for special events. Built for long life, the 50-pound- and 100-pound-capacity NewLiner Heavy Duty models feature structural and galvanized steel components for strength and rust-resistance; four large pneumatic tires to allow easy rolling over rough terrain; oversized cushioned grips for added comfort; handle-mounted control levers for greater operator control; precise control over 2-inch and 4-inch-wide lines; and an 18-month warranty, among the longest in the industry.

Newstripe, Inc.: 800-624-6706

Pool Communication

Advanced Control Logix offers its new WebLogixTM , a new wireless Internet communications interface that allows full wireless, bi-directional communication with its line of chemical controllers. The WebLogixTM communication module is a patented technology that allows chemical controllers to be wireless—remotely viewed and programmed via the Internet. Each module can provide communications for up to four pools. The program allows instant viewing of readings, alarms and pump status and offers complete downloadable data recorded in 15-minute increments. It also can graph all readings for faster evaluation and analysis. A security system is password-protected behind a Cisco firewall.

Advanced Control Logix: 530-741-3476