From Planning to Installation

Biological Mediation Systems, Inc. is a full-line, full-service company providing complete planning, design, engineering and installation assistance. Its product line includes two patented waterless systems custom-engineered for your specific restroom application. Prefabricated restroom facilities are available for both waterborne and waterless installations. Buildings can be custom-designed to fit the environment, match existing buildings or accommodate any special criteria to meet customers' needs. You are involved in the entire design and planning phase of your facility. BMSI provides AutoCAD plans and engineering for any location in the country.

Biological Mediation Systems, Inc.: 800-524-1097

Precast Concrete Restrooms

Easi-Set Industries offers its full-color brochure describing its line of standard and custom, all precast concrete restrooms. They are delivered fully assembled and outfitted in choices of exterior finishes, for either wet or dry hookups. These secure, durable buildings meet current building codes, are ADA-compliant, meet Forest Service specifications and are available through GSA schedule. They are available from licensed precast concrete producers located throughout North America. They are an integral part of Easi-Set's transportable building program with sizes ranging from 12 feet by 10 feet to 40 feet by 200 feet (clear spans), with post-tensioned concrete roof and floors.

Easi-Set Industries: 800-547-4045

Ready-Made Restrooms

Hunter Knepshield's ADA-compliant modular restroom facilities include solutions for virtually any situation with fast turnaround and simple site preparation. Pre-manufactured for economy and ease of installation, the buildings are pre-plumbed, pre-wired and shipped ready for placement. Interiors are designed for low-maintenance, including wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling reinforced fiberglass for easy washdown. A variety of plumbing choices including composting toilets, chemical toilets and flush toilets are available to match on-site resources.

Hunter Knepshield Company: 800-626-6530

Call of Nature

The Clivus Multrum M54 Trailhead is a composting toilet system with a handicapped-accessible restroom structure designed to go anywhere. Using natural biological decomposition, the Trailhead produces solid compost that resembles topsoil and nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer. Both end products are safe and stable. Like all Clivus systems, the Trailhead is odorless, requires no water or sewer connection, and does not pollute. It is a superior restroom solution for spots with low perc rate soils, difficult topographies, limited water supply or environmentally sensitive areas. The structure comes in a variety of styles and can ship as either a kit or prefabricated unit.

Clivus Multrum: 800-425-4887

You Can Rest Easy

Restroom Facilities Ltd. specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of public restrooms nationwide. For more than 15 years, the company has focused on finding solutions for the ever-changing problems of vandalism, safety and cleanliness associated with public restrooms. Restroom Facilities has developed solutions that work. Your restroom is built in a 61,000-square-foot, temperature-controlled plant, shipped by truck and installed in just two to five days. This whole process minimizes construction time needed, as well as the site disruption and safety hazards common with site-built construction. Restroom Facilities offers free consultation.

Restroom Facilities Ltd.: 800-856-9369

Big Facility, Low Budget

CXT's newest building, the Dakota, is a low-cost multiuser restroom. Like all of CXT's buildings, the precast concrete roof and walls provide a durable, vandal-resistant structure that can withstand the most severe conditions. The unit is extremely easy to maintain; will not rot, rust or burn; and cannot be eaten by insects. The Dakota is effective for parks that need a big facility but don't have a big budget. The Dakota is available in multiple colors and textures and also offers shower, concession and storage structures.

CXT Inc.: 800-696-5766

Restrooms and More

Park officials at Bullards Beach State Park, near the town of Bandon on the Oregon coast, required an easily maintained restroom facility in the park's "yurt village" camping area. They turned to Romtec, Inc. to supply its Sierra Pioneer building with an additional storage/mechanical room and a wide roof extension to shed rain at the restroom entrances. Both men's and women's restrooms meet ADA-design requirements. The concrete building features stainless-steel and galvanized hardware to eliminate rust problems in the wet coastal environment. Romtec offers architectural design, engineering, prefabrication and construction of restrooms, restroom/shower facilities, concession and multiuse buildings.

Romtec, Inc.: 541-496-3541

Think Modular

Modern specializes in design-built, factory-manufactured, precast concrete modular restroom and concession-stand units. Modern has 10 years experience in standard and custom-designed Easi-Set® Restrooms and Concession Stands. These precast concrete buildings are manufactured and finished to provide high durability and low-maintenance. Exterior and interior options are available to create a restroom or concession stand aesthetically pleasing to your setting. All restroom structures are ADA-compliant. Water or waterless restrooms are available. Units can be delivered and set in a day or two.

Modern Precast Concrete: 800-863-8265, ext. 742