Speak Loud and Clear

AmpliVox's Half-Mile Hailers are effective for crowd control, security and public safety. They are ideal for noisy areas where directions need to be heard, and you can cover a football field with just one horn. The weatherproof horn directs 50 watts of true sound to your audience. The wired version #S610A has a 50-watt multimedia amplifier, one handheld cardioid dynamic mic and 5-foot coiled cord. The wireless model #SW610A has a 50-watt wireless multimedia amplifier with built-in receiver, wireless headset and lapel microphones. Other models and packages also are available.

AmpliVox Sound Systems: 800-267-5486

Lighting Warning

Since 1975, Thor Guard has been a leading force in lightning warning through its constant development of state-of-the-art lightning-prediction technology. Answering the call by customers in every outdoor-related recreational and business sector, Thor Guard has developed a new timer for its Voice of Thor horn system and has greatly improved its already popular Thor Guard Weather subscription offering. The new VOT Timers can control independently the hours of operation at the horn site, instead of only from the base Thor Guard. The improved Thor Guard Weather package has better graphics and more streamlined operations.

Thor Guard, Inc.: 888-571-1212

Barcode Wristbands

National Ticket Company has a solution for controlling crowds, identifying paid patrons and gaining control of profit loss. A world leader in the printing of quality, readable bar-coded tickets, membership/gift cards and Tyvek Ultra Band wristbands, National Ticket Company bar-coded wristbands offer maximum control, customer tracking, simplified accounting, accurate tracking of pre-sales, admission and instant customer reports. Stock Tyvek Ultra Bands are available in a large selection of designs and bright colors; colorful plastic and vinyl wristbands including holographic can be purchased online.

National Ticket Company: 800-829-0829

Security Plus Savings

Price Chopper guarantees savings to all new wristband clients. The company says if it can't save you money, it doesn't deserve your business. Price Chopper offers among the widest varieties of patterns and colors of Tyvek® and vinyl wristbands. Check out the new trilaminate and holographic plastic snap-on wristbands. There are more than 400 choices. All wristbands are non-transferable, waterproof and non-stretch. You'll get quick service for custom-printed wristbands, as few as 500. Consecutive numbers and tear-off stubs are available as claim checks for prize draws. Price Chopper chops a slice off every price.

Price Chopper Inc.: 888-695-6220

Pedestrian Safety

Folding CordonatorsTM with pedestrian graphics are available from J.L. Geisler Corp. Safety lime-green CordonatorsTM mark permanent or temporary pedestrian areas and direct crowds at special events. Control areas can be set up in seconds. CordonatorsTM make school crossings safer and make any pedestrian safety area look more professional and official. CordonatorsTM fold flat to 4.5 inches and weigh less than 14 pounds. They are made from HDPE plastic and exceed federal crash-test standards. Rubber rings are available as ballast in high-traffic or wind areas. They can also be filled with sand or water for more permanent applications.

J.L. Geisler, Corp.: 888-637-7111

No More False Alarms

An innovative and patented device from Safety Technology International, Inc. has been helping stop false fire alarms around the world for more than 25 years, without restricting legitimate alarms. The UL/cUL-listed and ADA-compliant Stopper II (STI-1100) protective cover offers excellent protection against physical damage, both accidental and intentional, dust and grime (with use of a gasket kit). A clear, tamperproof, super-tough polycarbonate shield and frame fits over manual pull stations. When lifted to gain access to the alarm, it sounds a piercing warning horn. Immediate attention is drawn to the area, and a prankster will either run or be caught.

Safety Technology International, Inc.: 800-888-4784

Tough Barricades

Keep crowds back and enhance security using CrowdStopper® long-lasting barricades. Signature Fencing's CrowdStopper® barricades are effective for a variety of crowd-control applications. Each maintenance-free barricade is manufactured using heavy-duty steel framing and is hot-dipped galvanized for long life and weather-resistance. Barricades ship fully assembled and are available in two different foot styles. CrowdStopper® is used by police departments, event organizers, fairs, festivals, stadiums, arenas, convention centers and many others for effective security and control.

Signature (Fencing & Flooring) Systems: 800-569-2751

Physical and Visible Barriers

Create a better physical and visible barrier with Lawrence Metal Products' new wide belt Tensabarrier® post. The 6-inch belt width gives you a larger surface, and your safety messages (Caution Do Not Enter) are more noticeable. The unit features portable posts that make it easy to set up and the ability to connect to any Tensabarrier® post or sleeve. This industry-exclusive offers a physical barrier, which is better at preventing line-ducking. It's specifically designed for any establishment that would like to create a more visible barrier.

Lawrence Metal Products: 800-441-0019