Speedy Reaction Time

Gamewell-FCI, a Honeywell company and leading manufacturer of fire alarm and emergency evacuation systems for commercial and industrial facilities worldwide, offers the Velociti Series full line of smoke detectors, heat sensors and modules. When connected to Gamewell-FCI's E3 SeriesTM of expandable emergency evacuation system panels, the Velociti Series' innovative communications protocol allows a detected event to be reported up to five times faster. The decrease in reporting time from sensor to fire control panel results in earlier alarm notification of possible threats to life and property.

Gamewell-FCI: 800-606-1983

Distinctive Wristbands

PDC adds two new wristband styles to its Visa Band line, offering greater security against counterfeits and more options for patron management and identification. ClearImageTM Wristbands are PDC's first line of nontransferable, translucent wristbands, providing a distinctive look. The vinyl wristbands are waterproof and durable, effective for single-day or multi-day use. ClearImageTM Wristbands come in seven bright colors and feature a locking plastic snap for added security. Tytan-Band® Wave Wristbands are made of Tyvek®, which is economical, lightweight and tear-resistant. Tytan-Band® Wave is among the first wristbands made of Tyvek that features a wavy shape, making it difficult to counterfeit.

Precision Dynamics Corporation: 800-255-1865

Ornamental and Secure Fencing

For architects, designing fence enclosures that combine privacy and protection with an attractive appearance can be a challenge. The new Double Wire Fence Systems opens the doors for projects requiring even higher security and reduce the many possibilities of vandalism associated with legacy chain-link fence designs. Omega II has emerged between the chain link and the heavy ornamental demands and now offers contemporary and modern lines touted as "Today's Ornamental," also available in Temporary Fence. By creating an innovative, less bulky design, Omega Fences offers protection without overpowering landscapes.

Omega II Fence Systems: 800-836-6342

That's the Ticket

Worldwide Ticket & Label is a customer-focused, service-driven leader in the ticket design and printing business. The staff offers a great wealth of experience in making every ticket a souvenir for your patrons. Since opening its doors in 1999, Worldwide Ticket has served regional, national and international customers of all sizes and industries. Worldwide Ticket manufactures thermal tickets, season-ticket books, wristbands, reserved-seat tickets, credentials, parking hang-tags, ski-lift tickets, slot tickets, postcards, marketing material, labels and other custom-printed items. Choose from the most technologically advanced security features including hidden images, holograms, foil, bar codes, and security inks and papers.

Worldwide Ticket & Label: 877-426-5754