See the Light

The Sun fixture is specifically engineered to achieve the maximum foot-candles with the minimum number of fixtures. The design of this hanging system sets it apart from other fixtures on the market. The Sun fixture is suspended from a trio of stainless-steel cables for up to a 12-foot suspension, unlike many typical stem-hung fixtures. This translates into less obstruction above the fixture for greater light levels on the floor and less shadows on the ceiling. The finish is super white and high-quality powder coat.

Sports Interiors, Inc.: 888-566-5335

Go for a Whirl

Playworld Systems, Inc. offers Whirlwind Climbers, an exciting addition to playgrounds that offer children access to decks without using ladders or bridges. Whirlwind Climbers, which use a bold and creative design, are large keyhole-like structures that twist skyward to make climbing more challenging. A single climber may be used as a freestanding access to a play structure deck, or multiple climbers may be combined to create a connector between decks. Either way, children must use their arm and leg muscles to navigate their way up, across and through the climber and use their imaginations to figure out how.

Playworld Systems: 800-233-8404

Dirty Deeds Done Right

The volume of linens to be done in on-premises laundries frequently grows, but the space allotted for the work often doesn't. With Speed Queen's® new 45-pound stack tumbler, the T45, laundry managers can meet the demand for additional drying capacity within the space available. Laundry operations approaching the need to add a second shift or that have experienced increased reliance on overtime may have been pushed in that direction due to dryers not keeping up with washer-extractors. An upgrade to the T45, which boasts 90 pounds of drying capacity, may help managers avoid the costly alternative of additional work hours.

Speed Queen, Alliance Laundry Systems LLC: 800-345-5649

A Cool Oasis

Sun Ports Shade Structures created a cool oasis at the Surf and Swim municipal waterpark in Garland, Texas. The beautiful 4-Point Hypar Sail shade structure covers a children's wading pool and reaches a high point of 18 feet and a low of 10 feet. The Kimley-Horn team completed a master plan for the expansion of the waterpark, including elements such as a large children's play structure, water slides, a small children's play area and more. The splash pool features water toys, shade structures by Sun Ports, interactive pumpers and water jets. Sun Ports offers shade solutions for everything under the sun.

Sun Ports International: 800-966-5005

Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Pool Invention People at Water Tech offer its newest commercial-grade, automatic, robotic swimming pool cleaner—the Blue PearlTM . This new cleaner uses the latest robotic technology, offering one- to three-hour variable cleaning and super climbing brushes to reach the toughest spots on pool walls. The Blue PearlTM works with an external timer and comes complete with an automatic safety shut-off.

Water Tech Inc.: 800-298-8800

Aerating Fountains

Otterbine Barebo Inc. offers the latest addition to its product line, the Large Aerating Fountain. This line is the culmination of more than two years of research, development and extensive testing and offers a cost-effective solution to those desiring large decorative patterns combined with the benefits of strong aeration and water-quality management. Able to operate in 40 inches of water and weighing less than most large platform aerators or fountains, the fountain is handled easily by two people, eliminating the need for hoists and cranes. It's available in 7.5 horsepower and 10 horsepower, in both single- and three-phase.

Otterbine Barebo, Inc.: 800-237-8837

Pump for Waterfalls

Pentair Water Commercial Pool and Spa offers a 5-horsepower version of the popular EQ Series pumps. Called EQW-500, the new pump is designed for waterfalls and other low-head/high-flow applications to 650 gallons per minute. Like other EQ Series pumps, the EQW-500 model features commercial-grade, noncorrosive, all-plastic construction. It also offers superior electrical and hydraulic efficiency, providing lower operational costs than other pumps. Plus, its efficient impeller design extends the life of the motor. Other features include the clear Cam and RampTM lid that simplifies service, a bolt-on strainer pot, options of single- or three-phase 60-hertz applications, and quiet operation.

Pentair Water Pool and Spa: 800-831-7133

A Step Toward Accessibility

Quaker Plastic Corporation offers its new EZ Steps for swimming pool access. The EZ Steps feature an adjustable four-tread drop-in set of steps that fit multiple pool wall heights. The unit is constructed of high-strength polyethylene for stability, durability and maintenance-free use and comes with two powder-coated handrails for corrosion-resistance. The EZ Steps are easy to install—they install in minutes—and compact for easy storage when not in use.

Quaker Plastic Corp.: 717-285-4571