Synthetic Turf

Omnigrass® is a state-of-the-art synthetic turf system by Sportexe that is both cost-effective and durable, with its superior cushioning. It features exclusive QuadbackTM technology, a four-layer backing system that increases stability and seam strength. Producing optimal G-MAX test scores and complying with all of ASTM's ratings, this 100 percent rubber infill system comes in two pile heights and three weight combinations to ensure installation of the best turf system for your facility.

Sportexe: 866-935-7100

Court Surfacing

Environmental Coating System, Inc., manufacturer of the All Deck Coating System, introduces the Sure-Foot Decorative Finish, an economical surfacing material for sports courts that does not interfere with the players' ability to do their best. Sure-Foot is aesthetically pleasing and easy to apply and repair. It offers a nonskid finish and can be used in various applications, including stadium seating, playing courts, locker rooms, dressing rooms, showers, pool decks and stairways.

Environmental Coating System, Inc.: 800-255-3325

Effective Drainage

ACO's System 4000 is a sport track drainage system with galvanized-steel grates that connect to underground water drainage pipes. The system ensures that the track is effectively drained and consequently has a chance at prolonged life. The threat of water running onto the edge of the field and possibly flooding the area is avoided, contenting both facility and facility user. Removable grates allow easy access around the entire track for maintenance.

ACO Polymer Products: 800-543-4764

Constructive Consulting

Turf Diagnostics & Design performs testing and consulting for maintenance, renovation and construction of artificial turf and natural turf sports fields. Accredited by A2LA, Turf Diagnostics & Design offers laboratory testing of soil, sand, aggregates and amendments, with subgrade and rootzone evaluations as specialties. They also perform on-site hardness testing (GMAX) and other field assessments.

Turf Diagnostics &Amp; Design: 913-723-3700

Durable Grass

If perennial ryegrass isn't cutting it, consider Panterra, an annual, over-seeding ryegrass and the new solution to healthy, durable turf. Panterra offers outstanding dwarf growth characteristics for reduced mowing; fine leaf texture and high shoot density; high wear tolerance that is ideal for sports fields and golf courses; quick, out-transition in warm southern climates; and cold hardiness that permits play during the winter months.

Barenbrug USA: 800-547-4101

Tough Turf

TifSport's Bermudagrass is ideal for sports fields, not just because of its superior color, cold hardiness and disease resistance but also for its ability to successfully handle frequent and lower mowing heights. Its turf quality, density and strength help it recover quickly from injury and stress, and since Tifsport is grown and inspected under rules and guidelines designed to promote ongoing purity and uniformity, great quality is guaranteed.

TifSport: 706-542-5640

Good Drainage

Vitriturf offers a sports surface unlike any other. It not only lends itself to a myriad of sports activities, but its porous system also allows water to penetrate between the pores of the rubber so that water reaches the sub-base and drains. As a result, the system is virtually water-free, even after it rains, and thus allows users to resume activity immediately. Surface lines are inlayed at the full depth of the surface, so re-painting is unnecessary. With custom graphics available, Vitriturf is unlimited in its options for a facility's visual concept.

Vitriturf: 631-231-1300

Going for the Green

Profile Field & Fairway's Emerald sports surface contains the same benefits as Turface®MVP® but in a green-colored particle and smaller size. Applied as a top dressing, this porous ceramic material prevents slippery, wet conditions and extensive wear and tear. Poured directly onto muddy, wet areas, it absorbs excess water, making the surface dry, safe and playable. The emerald color disguises worn areas until new turf grows back.

Profile Products LLC: 800-207-6457