On Track

Fisher Tracks Inc. installs, refurbishes, stripes, designs and builds synthetic, all-weather running track surfaces that adhere to each facility's needs. It offers customers an integrated solution for athletic track needs by creating and installing desired sports surfaces. Durable, easy to maintain and cost-effective, Fisher Tracks Inc. helps you design a track facility and surface as the facility wishes.

Fisher Tracks, Inc.: 800-432-3191

Bring out the Green-Eyed Monster

Be the envy of everyone with EnvyLawn® synthetic turf, the ideal solution for playground surfacing, sports fields and other landscape needs. EnvyLawn is allergen-free and 100 percent recyclable and can be used in any climate, for any amount of surface traffic and on most slopes or contours. Only minimal maintenance is required for a year-round field or playground, since it removes the need for watering or fertilizing. Sports fields are custom-made to meet site specifications and can have permanent logos designed into the turf.

Challenger Industries, Inc.: 800-334-8873

Paint the Rainbow

Paint fields vibrant colors with the next generation of SportsLineTM Paints from SportCoatingsTM . SportsLine paints are deigned specifically for easy use on synthetic turf system. Offering a complete line of coatings, paints come in seven standard colors as well as custom colors to meet a team's exact shade. SportsLine offers paint for every occasion. GameLineTM caters to single games, MultiGameLineTM to multiple events, SeasonLineTM to seasonal requirements, and ExtremeLineTM for permanent logos or marking lines.

Coatings Specialist Group: 888-510-2607

Outdoor Adhesive

Nordot® Outdoor Adhesive can be applied with a squeegee to a rooftop surface so that artificial turf can be bonded to it. Once complete, the artificial turf surface can be used as a playground, sport or other recreational purpose. Nordot® Outdoor Adhesive is a critical component for these types of installations because it can be applied under variable and adverse weather conditions. Plus, it has proven long-term exterior durability.

Synthetic Surfaces Inc.: 908-233-6803

Faster Than Nature

The EvergreenTM turf blanket from Covermaster enhances and accelerates the growth of grass on sports field surfaces. Widely used as a golf course winter turf blanket, it also is effective in repairing worn-down turf on soccer and football fields. Evergreen promotes seed germination and works to establish newly sodded areas much quicker than nature itself. It works on the greenhouse principle: let grass breathe and excess rain or water evaporate and retain the right amounts of heat and moisture for rapid growth.

Covermaster: 800-387-5808

Make a Mark

Tru Mark Athletic Field Marker introduces the Model EZ-70 Stow-n-Go field marker. With its floating paint shoe technology, the field marker paints crisp field lines on a three-wheel steel chassis. Its durability and control create accurate results even when painting curved lines in close quarters. EZ-70's walk-behind compact design with an ergonomic folding handlebar assembly ensures lightweight mobility. A five-gallon paint tank and 12-volt, sealed battery with an industrial-strength, 12-volt diaphragm pump makes this marker easy to operate and maintain.

Tru Mark Athletic Field Marker: 800-553-6275

Winter Turf Blanket

CoverSports USA announces its new durable Winter Turf Blanket, which promotes seed germination in the late fall and protects turf through the harshest winter. For football fields, baseball fields, goal mouths for hockey and soccer to renew worn turf areas, it comes with heavy-duty hems with spur grommets, as well as storage bags and sod staples.

Coversports Usa: 800-445-6680

Super Mats

When athletic field surfaces undergo repair operations, the synthetic surfaces need a break too. AlturnaMATS Ground Protection Mats protect synthetic tracks from heavy vehicle crossings, eliminating damage to turf and sparing the need for expensive turf restoration costs. The mats are 0.5-inch thick polyethylene, range in size from 4 to 8 feet and are guaranteed for six full years. AlturnaMATS feature a bold diamond plate tread for maximum traction and also offer new mats called VersaMATS, which feature a flatter, more slip-resistant tread that is ideal for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Alturnamats: 888-544-6287