Aquatic Lift

Since the introduction of the PAL-Portable Aquatic Lift, RehaMed International has been a leader in providing access solutions to aquatic facilities. Its Aquatic Lift seating system facilitates the transfer process for people with disabilities. Pioneering the use of battery-powered, linear actuators in aquatic lifts, the company successfully introduces a consistent and reliable operating system. It has been applied to waterparks, residential pools, cruise ships, hotels and rehabilitation centers.

RMT Aquatics: 800-577-4424

Water-Powered Lifts

Aquatic Access manufacturers and markets a full line of water-powered lifts providing access to pools, spas, boats and docks. The lifts are powered by water from an ordinary hose connection, offer a safety factor more than 1.5 and require little assembly, making poolside installation easy. Aquatic Access includes all components with its lifts and meets ADA guidelines for public pools and spas.

Aquatic Access: 800-325-5438

Picnicking Made Easy

Wheelchair users can be part of all outdoor activities with accessible picnic tables from Pilot Rock. Rectangular tables ranging between 6 and 12 feet long offer access at one end, both ends or the center; square and round table styles also are available. Both portable and stationary table designs are included, and tables are available with lumber, aluminum, recycled plastic or vinyl-coated steel for tops and seats. The tables comply with current ADA guidelines.

R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co.: 800-762-5002

A Compact Workout

The fully electronic Total Gym PowerTowerTM from efi Sports Medicine offers functional exercise through the use of body weight as resistance. As with other Total Gym models, the free-motion glide board allows for movement in all planes of motion and delivers level changes at the touch of a button so that users do not need to step off the unit between exercises. Other features include an adjustable telescoping squat stand, built-in pull-up bars and a fold-away foot holder for hamstring and abdominal work. The machine also complements Pilates accessories.

EFI Sports Medicine, Inc.: 800-541-4900

Taking it to the Next Level

An aquatic lift is the first step, but AquaTrek is the next step. AquaTrek gives an organization a forward-walking entry and exit for the pool that is dignified, safe and easy. Custom-designed for each facility with portability built into the design, pools now can maintain services for both competitive and therapeutic clients. A 600-pound rating ensures durability.

Rehab Systems, LLC: 800-726-8620

Beach Access

Aqua Creek's Beach Access Chair is sturdy and lightweight, allowing easier access in sand, snow and other soft soils. With four balloon flotation tires for extra stability, single-motion park brakes, safety belt, umbrella, sliding footrest, storage bag and comfortable cushion seat, the chair is a must-have. It disassembles into three pieces for easy transport and comes in an assortment of colors. The seat holds a capacity of 250 pounds and is 34.5 inches wide.

WMS Aquatics: 800-426-9460

In Need of a Lift

Spectrum Aquatic's Traveler XRC is a stainless-steel, extended-reach, radio-frequency-controlled aquatic-access lift that complies with ADA regulations for facilities that offer swimming pools and spas. Features include 400-pound lifting capacity, wireless radio frequency, single anchor point and setback dimensions of 6 to 33 inches.

Spectrum Aquatics: 800-791-8056