Smooth Surfaces

SnapSports offers several premium styles of smooth inline hockey surfaces that offer great puck and ball speed. All styles have durable rolling load understructures that provide excellent push-off and skate control. Available in 12 standard colors, SnapSports also offers custom colors and logos to match your school, facility or team. In addition to hockey multisport facilities, SnapSports also can accommodate performance play for basketball, tennis, volleyball and soccer. SnapSports offers free estimates.

SnapSports: 800-664-3865

Flooring Times Two

Taraflex Sports Flooring by Gerflor gives inline hockey facilities the power of choice. Taraflex Surface can be installed two different ways. For inline hockey, install Taraflex Surface directly over concrete. This durable floor is 2.1 mm thick with a 100 percent vinyl wear layer and available in 13 colors. For inline hockey and other sports, install Taraflex Evolution. This new system combines a DIN-certified wood substructure covered by Taraflex Surface. Its 30 mm of thickness gives players outstanding shock-absorption, comfort and performance. Proprietary product treatments minimize friction burns, prevent bacteria and fungus growth, and simplify maintenance.

Taraflex Sports Flooring by Gerflor: 800-727-7505

Seek Forgiveness

Safety is a growing concern in today's sports world, and hockey is one of the most physical sports out there. Athletica is dedicated to always making safety a first priority, which is why it developed a soft top cap for hockey rinks. The soft cap helps reduce player injuries by providing a more forgiving surface at the most likely point of contact on the rink boards. This will limit player injuries, particularly those to the head, chin and elbow. The new soft cap is made of a flexible thermo-plastic elastomer and is much softer than the high-density polyethylene top cap.

Athletica: 800-809-7465

Flooring in a Snap

Mateflex Modular Surfaces offers a brand-new modular surface for inline hockey: the Inline Arena Tile. This new tile features a smooth solid top for inline hockey arenas. It is quick and easy to snap together or take apart and can be used for either permanent or portable installations. Inline Arena Tile is the official flooring sponsor of USAHIL, NARCh and TORHS. Made from resilient, yet durable polypropylene, Inline Arena Tile works for both new construction and for renovating or upgrading existing hard surfaces. It can be removed easily for portable installations or leased facilities and comes in 16 standard colors.

Mateflex Modular Surfaces: 800-926-3539

Virtually Seamless

IceCourt specializes in floors for roller sports. The Exxess surface is a standard for the highest inline hockey competitions worldwide, including the World Championships of both governing bodies, FIRS and Intl. Ice Hockey Federation IIHF; Junior Olympics; Special Olympics; State Wars Hockey; and other top tournaments in the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan. IceCourt is one of the fastest inline hockey floors, with patented features that enhance puck stability, puck speeds and wheel grip. IceCourt is virtually seamless, with among the strongest tile surfaces against abuse, indoors and out. A 10-year warranty guarantees its well-known flatness.

IceCourt: 800-206-5060

Like Wood

Need the playability of a hardwood sports floor but don't want the maintenance issues associated with wood floors? Take a good look at Activecourt Sports Floor, designed to be the highest quality multipurpose floor available. Activecourt is an interlocking, portable floor tile, unlike others in the industry. Activecourt's new technology is scratch-resistant and has a solid top layer that is essential for quality ball return in roller hockey.

Centaur Floor Systems, LLC: 800-536-9007

It Takes a Beating

SkateMaster is a specially formulated 100 percent acrylic coating designed to withstand the rigors of competitive inline skating. SkateMaster is applied to asphalt or concrete pavement, providing a surface that is effective for inline hockey or casual skating. SkateMaster colors are available using the ColorPlus system. Line Paints are available for gamelines.

Sportmaster: 800-395-7325