Come on, Get Silly

The Sloppy Jalopy offers an innovative spin on water play. Children's imaginations will soar, from pretending they're driving a convertible in the rain to sinking in an old jalopy, the fun is endless. The thrills continue as the child steers the way to being doused with water, using the interactive FunFlow valve. Seven exciting spray areas create amusement from all around this silly Sloppy Jalopy.

Rain Drop Products, LLC: 800-343-6063

Rubber Mulch

Check out EnduraSafe rubber mulch for superior playground safety surfacing. The 100 percent recycled rubber won't blow or wash away, maintains its original color for years, and doesn't promote weed growth or rodent/insect infestation. EnduraSafe provides a 12-foot fall height (ASTM F1292 testing methods) and is wheelchair-accessible (ASTM F195-99 standards). It's available in several colors including cedar, redwood and blue and sizes 1 cubic feet to bulk.

Advanced Ground Care: 877-MULCH 2 U (685-2428)

Make Your Mark

The Streamliner Dry Line Marker is simply among the best dry line-marking machines made. With five streamliner models to choose from, you're sure to find the features you need. Standard features include heavy-duty, powder-coated steel frame, innovative retractable handle, variable-flow control (2-inch and 4-inch lines) and one of the best string-line guides in the industry.

Beacon Athletics: 800-747-5985

Get Them a Grip

Designed specifically for toddler gripping range, muscle strength and balance, the Apex Climbing Attachment provides full body support that developing young children need. The Apex Lateral Links and Attachments provide endless climbing possibilities that simulate real rock climbing. Because the gripping areas are not predefined, the Apex encourages children to use their creativity to find routes either laterally from deck to deck or up and over to the other side. In a natural rock climb, the path is different every time. The same factors apply to the Apex, making it the height of climbing for today's youth.

Park Structures: 800-727-1907

Spin Into Orbit

The new Orbiter spinner from Landscape Structures is a two-piece play event that can provide self-propelled fun for several kids at one time. Each spinning base is paired with an overhead wheel that is set at an opposite 10-degree angle to create an ultimate spinning challenge. The Orbiter spinner helps kids discover the cause-and-effect relationship of body position and movement, and also improves their balance and coordination. It is available as an independent event or as a PlayBooster component.

Landscape Structures: 888-4FUNLSI (438-6574)

A Bench With a Dual Purpose

The new Gillette Series Bench from Pilot Rock is designed with two customers in mind. First, people: The gentle curves in both the contour and flat seats, and the armrests, provide comfortable seating. Second, landscape designers: Many features and options create a bench that's adaptable to many landscape and streetscape designs. The Gillette Bench offers cast-iron frames; armrests for greater accessibility; contour or flat seating; seats of recycled plastic timbers available in nine colors, hardwood timbers, or powder-coated steel in five color choices; three lengths; and surface-mount installation.

R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co. Inc.: 800-762-5002

Developmental Play

GameTime's new Xscape system offers distinctive and exceptional benefits by encouraging movement and development opportunities rarely seen on the playground before. The innovative design configuration encourages stretching, fitness, competitive spirit and fun. Children become intensely focused, developing skills and inventing games to evaluate their progress. For facilities looking to promote fitness, health and strength development in children, Xscape is a natural choice. Dr. Joe Frost, a preeminent childhood development authority said, after observing children on Xscape, "Xscape is a welcome addition for upper elementary grade children because of extensive options for promoting upper body strength and total body coordination."

GameTime: 800-235-2440

Give it a Swirl

The new Swirl table from Southern Aluminum features a swirl design hand-etched into the aircraft-grade aluminum tabletops. Each lightweight table is finished with a protective, baked-on clear coat, making it resistant to scratching and staining. Requiring minimal maintenance, the Swirl table is available in Satin Swirl or Copper Swirl and can be used with or without linens. The unique finish is not only an economical alternative to linens but is also the only table of its kind on the market today. A custom spandex wrap is also available to enhance the look of any area.

Southern Aluminum: 800-221-0408