Clear the Water

Neptune-Benson has been keeping your aquatic environments crystal clear for 50 years. With its milestone anniversary, it introduces the Defender2, its newest regenerative media filtration system. This superior system packs Neptune-Benson's innovative features from its Defender into a more compact design. Specially designed for flow rates up to 600 gpm, it's able to fit through a standard door. The Defender2 eliminates costly backwashing and saves you on water, chemicals, energy and labor.

Neptune-Benson: 800-832-8002

Score Them All

When a baseball diamond becomes a football field…or a soccer field…or a lacrosse field, these environments call for a scoreboard that can do it all. You can make the call by changing the captions. These outdoor models integrate a two- or four-digit clock. The 7100 models start with spots to indicate balls, strikes and outs for baseball, while digits are incorporated into the 7200 class. Sponsorship space is available on certain boards. Easy-t-use controls, superior wireless capabilities and built-in signage make these models an effective part of your multisport playing field. For style, performance and innovation, believe in Fair-Play®.

Fair-Play Scoreboards: 800-247-0265

Ready to Use

Restroom/concession buildings are a specialty of Romtec, Inc. Pre-engineered concrete and steel structures, such as the building Romtec supplied to Mt. Olive, N.J. (shown), offer ample room for food preparation, a stainless-steel service counter with roll-up curtain window plus public restrooms in a variety of configurations. Added features include roof extensions for shade and shelter and a large storage room with a roll-up door, providing easy access for park maintenance equipment. Romtec offers hundreds of building designs for public restrooms, restroom/shower facilities, restroom/concession buildings and multiuse structures. Complete building kits include architectural plans and specifications for all 50 states.

Romtec, Inc.: 541-496-3541

Sleep Style

Pacific Yurts are freestanding, easy-to-install structures that provide year-round comfort and a unique, memorable experience. Founded in 1978, Pacific Yurts is the original designer and manufacturer of yurts, used as cozy accommodations that generate revenue in public and private parks, campgrounds and resorts. Thousands of customers around the world rely on Pacific Yurts' superior service and proven product performance. A broad range of options include insulation, 15-year warranted fabric, and the ability to add bathroom and kitchen facilities. The flexibility of yurts allows them to work as simple cabins, fully furnished luxury retreats and meeting rooms in all climate conditions.

Pacific Yurts, Inc.: 800-944-0240

Restroom Efficiency

Biological Mediation Systems, Inc. offers the newly engineered pre-cast concrete building model R2-911 VE with durable metal roof. Using cutting-edge waterless and odorless vault restroom technology, the patented WRS system is effective for remote backcountry and heavy-traffic locations. Fresh air is continually pulled into the restroom vault mechanically through the toilet riser, urinal and floor drain. Air then enters the BMS-patented waste-reduction system and is exhausted through a vent pipe. This building model also is available in block or frame construction, delivered to your site anywhere in the continental United States.

Biological Mediation Systems, Inc.: 800-524-1097

The Must-See Lights

Qualite Sports Lighting systems incorporate the most efficient IESNA-sanctioned fixtures in the sports lighting industry. The systems with fixtures pre-set specifically for your field, provide optimum uniform light with superb spill-light control. A safe and enjoyable environment is created for both players and fans. Available in every Qualite Lighting system is the patented Maintenance Diagnostic System (MDS), which reduces lifetime maintenance costs and allows testing from ground level. These superior features combined with low-cost installation and one of the best 10-year warranties in the business makes Qualite systems a must-see.

Qualite Sports Lighting: 800-933-9741

From Solar To Sound

Recreation Creations, Inc. has prided itself for 30 years on creating innovative playground equipment. New from RCI is the first of a selection of Sound Stations. Harness the light and heat from the sun and transform solar energy into a world of sound for your playground. Turn the key on the Driver Panel and hear the engine start. Step on the accelerator and thrill to the engine roar. Listen to the sounds of the wipers, turn signals and radio jams; the Clock Panel gives users the time and another dimension to tap into the imagination and excitement of children.

Recreation Creations, Inc.: 800-766-9458

Worth the Trip

Playworld Destination Parks offer a great play experience for all ages from playgrounds for toddlers, climbing boulders for bouldering enthusiasts, skate ramps for teens and LifeTrail wellness paths for active adults and seniors. When coupled with common park amenities such as tennis and basketball courts, swimming pools and running trails, a Destination Park offers a diverse blend of neighborhood activities that can draw people from miles around and bring families together by providing a venue for fitness, balance, strength and aerobic activity. Learn more about Destination Parks by stopping by the Playworld booth.

Playworld Systems: 800-233-8404