Move It

Easi-Set® transportable precast concrete buildings offer a lifetime, maintenance-free solution suitable for almost any application. The buildings can be used as restrooms, concession stands, press boxes, ticket kiosks, equipment storage and more. Custom sizes and a variety of exteriors are available so buildings fully can meet your needs while blending in with nearby structures. Easi-Set® buildings cost significantly less than comparable built-in-place construction, can be readily relocated and feature superior durability. Easi-Set® buildings are produced and outfitted (optional) by local manufacturers throughout North America and can be transported to your site and installed in a few hours.

Easi-Set Industries: 800-547-4045

Off to a Good Start

The LegacyTM Starting Blocks come in a variety of configurations. Choose from standard, long-reach or side-mount models to fit your deck space requirements. Customize with tread colors or add a team logo. The LegacyTM frames are constructed of 304 stainless-steel tubing and are powder-coated for corrosion-resistance. Footboards are constructed of a solid, laminated core covered with fiberglass and acrylic and are topped with a nonslip sanded tread. They meet FINA, NCAA, NFSHSA, USMS, USAS and competition pool rules and regulations. Build your own block with the new online configurator.

S.R. Smith: 888-677-7776

Pre-engineered Structures

Vixen Hill pergolas, pavilions and gazebos arrive on-site via common carrier. Cedar modules are pre-engineered to bolt together in a single day using simple hand tools. Municipal workers or unskilled volunteers can assemble quickly Vixen Hill products with confidence. These "meeting point" structures are so superior that their memory will last a lifetime. You can specify Vixen Hill products with confidence.

Vixen Hill Mfg. Co.: 800-423-2766

Complete Barbell Set

Power Systems' CardioBarbellTM Set delivers dynamic resistance and cardio training in one total-body workout while taking each major muscle group to fatigue. This complete barbell set can be used with most populations in personal training, group fitness or individual workouts. Each set comes with a standard 48-inch-long steel bar with a durable PVC-coated grip, two 10-pound, two 5-pound and two 2.5-pound plates encased in virgin rubber and one pair of spring collars. Special pricing available on sets of 10 and 20 barbells as well as storage racks.

Power Systems: 800-321-6975

Plenty of Pop

Star Manufacturing offers a full line of popcorn poppers to bring the smell, taste and fun to your food-service operation. With a variety of poppers ranging from the 4-ounce Mini JetStar popper that pops 115 one-ounce servings per hour for low-volume food-service operations to the 18-ounce Galaxy popper that pops 360 one-ounce servings per hour for higher volume food-service, Star has the machine that's just right for your operation. Poppers feature antique or Euro design and can be placed on a countertop or on an optional cart.

Star Manufacturing: 800-264-7827

Bollards With Breakaway

Blue Ember Technologies' MaxiForce Collapsible Bollards contain a patented breakaway feature allowing emergency personnel in vehicles to penetrate the passage or roadway without exiting their vehicle. The wrench operation of both the collapsible and removable units also provides an innovative feature that allows emergency personnel access through use of a standard hydrant wrench, while maintaining security for others. MaxiForce Traffic Control Bollards come in collapsible, removable, fixed and the new concealable units and are available in a variety of styles and colors to meet your aesthetic requirements.

Blue Ember Technologies, LLC: 703-961-8223

Lighter Cleaners

Aqua Vac Systems' new KingShark2 and KingShark2 Plus are lighter and easier to handle for commercial pool cleaning. The cleaners now come standard with the new Quick Release Filter System, which allows you to remove the filter while the cleaner is still in the water, reducing the weight of the machine by 25 to 30 pounds. A retrofit kit is available. A new larger handle on the hood of the machine allows you to place and remove the cleaner from the pool with more support. An available handle kit can be installed at any Aqua Vac Service Center.

Aqua Vac Systems: 800-327-0141

The Grill is Hot

Stainless Steel Porta-Grill® represents a first in state-of-the-art design and technology. It is both UL Design Certified to ANSI Z83.11-2002 standard for gas food-service equipment and certified by NSF to ANSI/NSF Standard 2, 4 and 7. In addition, its handling weight is only 176 pounds. It folds up in minutes and stacks four high for easy storage and transport. Its overall size is 67-5/8 inches long by 32-5/8 inches wide by 36 inches high. The cooking area is 24 inches by 60 inches. It has 304 stainless-steel grill construction and 5-inch locking casters with brakes.

Belson Outdoors, Inc.: 800-323-5664