Dry One On

Golden Touch towels are made of specially cleaned and combed cotton and are designed to withstand repeated institutional washing and still remain soft, luxurious and exceptionally absorbent. A-1 Textiles also delivers towels of five other quality levels to suit the particular needs and budgets of nearly every athletic club. Known for its value pricing and dependable customer service, A-1 Textiles has a 24/48-hour shipping policy and is facilitated by five ship points nationwide.

A-1 Textiles: 800-351-1819

Benches from Bottles

Gerber Manufacturing has been manufacturing picnic tables, park grills and park benches since 1969. One of its new innovations is the use of recycled plastic for the seats and tops of the picnic tables and benches. The recycled plastic is made from post-consumer bottle waste, resulting in a product that is more than 90 percent recycled. The color is molded throughout the entire plank. The Monster series of table frame is constructed from 2-3/8 OD schedule 40 pipe, and end frames are welded. The frame is available in either a painted finish or hot-dipped galvanized after fabrication.

Gerber Manufacturing, Ltd.: 800-393-9923

Aquatic Quality

Another outstanding WMS Aquatics pool and spa project is shown on the cover of its 2006-07 Commercial Aquatic Equipment Catalog. The Catalog reflects the quality WMS offers to its customers that comes from years of experience in supplying equipment to the swimming pool industry. Call with aquatic questions and to receive a free catalog.

WMS Aquatics: 800-426-9460

Good Workout

The VitaGlide and VitaGlide Pro were developed by RMT Fitness to provide a safe and effective workout for people with disabilities. Using its unique "V" shaped linear tracking, the VitaGlide workout focuses on three different areas. The pushing and pulling motion strengthens both sides of the shoulders to balance joints and prevent pain or injury; the trunk rotation works the stomach muscles; and the resistance control provides a great cardio workout. The standard VitaGlide applies to home use, while the VitaGlide Pro caters more to commercial use in rehab centers, gyms, health clubs or wellness centers.

RMT FITNESS: 800-577-4424

Get Tropical

Create a fun island-themed oasis for retailing refreshments, sunscreen or souvenirs. A 12.5-foot-diameter roof provides ample shade and is available with natural or synthetic grass thatch on a galvanized steel frame. Constructed of natural materials to withstand the rigors of commercial use, the unit arrives in kit form, and no special tools are needed for assembly. Wide countertops and interior shelving provide generous work and storage space. The 7.5-foot-diameter octagonal base easily affords seating for eight to 10, as shown with the all-weather Savannah Bar Stool. It can be customized to include electrical outlets, ceiling fan and additional counter space.

Safari Thatch, Inc.: 954-564-0059