Caramel Corn

Gold Medal Products Co. now offers the Karamel Baby Complete Set-up Cart. The cart includes the popper, cooker mixer and cooling tray. It's effective for any venue, whether it's a theater lobby or a school fund-raiser. In May 2006, Gold Medal launched its newest Web site, which offers a wealth of information on how to be successful in the caramel-corn business. Because good caramel corn starts with good popcorn, the complete cart setup is a must-have for anyone in the business.

Gold Medal Products Co.: 800-543-0862

Make it Glow

Precision Dynamics Corporation (PDC), a global leader in automatic wristband identification, offers new UV (ultraviolet) printing on select Visa Band® Wristbands, including Tytan-Band® Tyvek® Wristbands. The UV-printing option offers enhanced security against counterfeits and more creative options for patron management and identification. Under regular lighting, the UV-ink-printed wristband logo or message is invisible, but with a black light, the glowing imprint is revealed. Venue staff easily can detect counterfeits when they check the wristbands under black light. With the same cost as regular ink imprint, the UV-ink-printing option is an economical security measure.

Precision Dynamics Corporation: 800-255-1865

See Clearly Now

Lyon Workspace Products, based in Aurora, Ill., recently introduced a new line of clearview and four-door, all-welded storage cabinets. The new clearview models allow you to check out cabinet contents or monitor inventory without even opening the doors—through heavy-duty Plexiglas® door inserts securely bolted to the cabinet doors. New four-door models create secure storage for four people or four departments in a single, rugged cabinet. All models feature durable, 14-gauge all-welded construction throughout and are shipped set-up with 4-inch legs welded on and shelves bolted in place ready to use. Other important features include rugged die-cast handles.

Lyon Workspace Products: 800-232-0096

A New Wave of Paving

Midwest Industrial Supply now offers Resin Pave®, a process of mixing Road Oyl® with native soil and materials to create roads, walking and bike paths, driveways, parking lots, and other high-traffic areas. Mixing native soil with Road Oyl®—a dust-control and soil-stabilization product for heavy-duty applications—creates a permanent, natural paving system. Soil conditions, weather conditions and the desired outcome determine the native soil and Road Oyl® mix design. Maintenance entails applying Road Oyl® topically to the area. For customers needing assistance with Resin Pave, Midwest Industrial Supply will visit on-site to develop customized Resin Pave® solutions.

Midwest Industrial Supply: 800-321-0699

Aquatic Lifts

Since the introduction of the PAL-Portable Aquatic Lift, RehaMed International has been a leader in providing access solutions to aquatic facilities. Its Aquatic Lift seating system facilitates the transfer process for people with disabilities. Pioneering the use of battery-powered, linear actuators in aquatic lifts, the company successfully introduces a consistent and reliable operating system. It has been applied to waterparks, residential pools, cruise ships, hotels and rehabilitation centers.

RMT AQUATICS: 800-577-4424

Field Marker

Newstripe offers the improved Eco-Liner II gasoline-powered field marker, now with the Qwik-Set trigger, hands-free spray trigger. Qwik-Set allows the convenience of activating the spray trigger just once without having to continually squeeze the trigger while striping. Qwik-Set reduces hand strain and the fatigue associated with extended striping. A quick second squeeze of the trigger stops the spray. Eco-Liner II incorporates a direct-drive industrial-grade diaphragm pump coupled to a 3.5-horsepower engine, providing paint pressure up to 60 psi. According to Ralph Newman, president of Newstripe, both the Eco-Liner II and Eco-Liner SP self-propelled version offer superior performance and value.

Newstripe, Inc.: 800-624-6706

The Water's Fine

Arch Chemicals' Water Products business introduces the Pulsar® PPM-II Controller that tests pool water and automatically adjusts chemical dispensing rates for optimum water safety and stability. Designed to be used with Pulsar® feeders in commercial pools ranging from 50,000 to 250,000-plus gallons, the Pulsar PPM-II provides rapid response to changes in the pool environment, such as water quality, temperature and flow rate. It uses automated DPD testing to control the feed levels of sanitizer through the Pulsar feeding system. The measurements are so accurate that the system can help reduce chemical usage by up to an estimated 20 percent.

Arch Chemicals, Inc.: 770-803-2524

Turf Cover

PortaFloor Pro Line Turf is an effective turf cover to protect artificial turf when sports fields are used for concerts or any mass gathering with heavy pedestrian traffic. PortaFloor consists of rolls of hinged 6-inch-by-24-inch panels for quick and easy installation and removal. You simply roll it out to create a solid, virtually seamless floor. Specially engineered joints expand or contract with varying climatic conditions and the nonporous, anti-slip, textured flat surface is easy to clean and maintain. The cross ribbed construction of the underside of PortaFloor accounts for the lateral strength and rigidity to provide the additional load capability.

Covermaster Inc.: 800-387-5808