For Tweens

PlayPower, Inc., a world leader in commercial playground equipment, offers the Nexus, a next generation play concept specifically designed and engineered for a generation of sophisticated young people ages 7 to 14, defined as "tweens." Developed by SMP, a U.K.-based division of PlayPower, the Nexus product line promises to duplicate its proven European successes in engaging older children in healthy physical activity with its debut in the U.S. market. It offers a "cool" physical activity with its distinctive modern, high-tech look that appeals to the tweeners' sense of style, which is heavily influenced by futuristic sci-fi movies and cyber culture.

SMP Playgrounds, a Division of PlayPower Inc.: 866-4PLAYPWR (475-2979)

Workout System

The Strength Builder is a precision workout system that has been developed to target key upper-body and core muscle groups. The strategically placed handle locations isolate the muscles, allowing for optimal strength building and toning deep within the muscles. Since the Strength Builder is lifted slightly off the floor, you receive a better stretch and upper-body flex, which taxes the chest and shoulders more than the regular push-up.

The Strength Builder: 201-538-5191

Cooking Smart

Tomlinson's line of cast-iron serving skillets, griddles and fry pans represent the most requested sizes and styles by the commercial food-service industry. When properly seasoned, cast iron lasts indefinitely and is a true nonstick cooking utensil with a finish that lasts a lifetime. Matching wood underliners help retain temperature and make handling easy. Teflon handle covers are available in a variety of colors. The latest addition to the Cast Iron Products line is a Pickled Steel Griddle. Made from high-grade pickled steel, it has two easy grip handles for safe transporting and is available in two convenient sizes.

Tomlinson Industries: 216-587-3400

Open the Door to Durability

Special-Lite heavy-duty stile and rail doors specifically are designed to provide functionality, security and long service life. They're effective for educational, institutional, commercial or religious facility entrances where high traffic is a primary concern. Special-Lite SL-14 Medium Stile and SL-15 Wide Stile Monumental Doors have an exclusive design that provides more durability and longer life than stile and rail doors with welded corner construction. The Monumental Doors feature one-piece aluminum alloy stiles and rails in 1-3/4-inch standard thickness, true mortise and tenon joinery, full-width top and bottom tie rods secured with hex nuts, and integral exterior glass stops.

Special-Lite, Inc.: 800-821-6531