Recycled Landscape

GroundScape Kids' 100 percent recycled tire rubber surface makes outdoor playground equipment safer and more fun. The loose-fill rubber outperforms other surface materials in impact absorption and surface attenuation, important since 79 percent of playground injuries are due to falls on hard surfaces. GroundScape Kids is non-toxic and available in six non-fading, UV-stable colors. It is clean, doesn't promote or sustain mold or fungus growth, and will not stain clothes or cement. Delivered and installed like bark mulch, wood chips or pea gravel, GroundScape Kids has an expected product life of 50 years.

Earth & Landscape Solutions: 877-779-4630

A Grassy Look

Zeager introduces the new RecGrass® playground surface. The latest addition to the RecBase® line of recreational surfaces, RecGrass® is a natural-looking and soft synthetic grass that provides a very low-maintenance and reasonably priced safety surface for play areas. Like all of Zeager's playground surfaces, RecGrass® is third-party certified and meets ADA, ASTM, CPSC and CSA requirements for playground surfaces. Children love the green grass look and cool feel all year long. There are no puddles or messy infill materials on this grass because the RecBase® underneath provides excellent drainage and fall protection.

Zeager Bros. Inc.: 800-346-8524

Tile by Tile

Dinoflex recycled-rubber playground surfacing tiles are designed to provide an impact-absorbing surface. They are made from recycled rubber and are easy to maintain, water-permeable and slip-resistant. A self-aligning interlocking system provides for fast and accurate installation. The "Rubber Tile" advantages include: physical properties that are controlled and consistent throughout the play area; easy to repair and maintain; easy to enlarge or modify the play area and simple to install—no special equipment required; and uncomplicated packaging and transportation. All tile thicknesses have been tested and approved according to ASTM fall-height and head-impact criteria standards.

Dinoflex Manufacturing Ltd.: 877-713-1899

High Endurance

You can put this surface down and forget about it—there is no need to replace Endura synthetic ground cover year after year. Made from 100 percent recycled rubber, Endura is the choice for both playground and landscaping applications. It won't blow or wash away, is warranted against fade and total color loss for up to 10 years, and discourages weed growth and rodent and insect infestations. Endura synthetic ground cover is ADA-compliant per ASTM 1951-99 and ASTM F 1292. Endura groundcover and mulch products are available in several colors and a variety of bag sizes.

Advanced Ground Care: 708-331-6100

Turf for Tots

TotTurf by Robertson Industries Inc. offers a poured-in-place product that meets guidelines and standards established by the ADA and the CPSC, and has been tested in accordance with ASTM 1292. An IPEMA-certified company, TotTurf uses only the highest-quality raw materials available that are long-lasting, saving you time and money on maintenance costs. Robertson Industries has its own service centers to store materials and only uses company-trained employees to install TotTurf.

TotTurf by Robertson Industries Inc.: 800-858-0519

Safely Creative

On the playground, the imagination has no limits. No Fault embraces this concept with countless application options for its No Fault Safety Surface. Widely regarded as a poured-in-place industry standard, No Fault has been an innovator within the safety surface industry for three decades. Its goals of dedication to service, quality and commitment to safety, in addition to ingenuity, set No Fault apart. The unconventional playground pictured serves as a creative water play area and clearly demonstrates how this facility stands apart from others with its emphasis on safety and originality.

No Fault Sport Group LLC: 866-637-7678

Surface Solution

Today's playground planners look for three primary features in playground surfacing: safety, durability and accessibility. Sof'Shield Outdoor from Sof'Solutions Inc. delivers top marks in all three categories plus ease of installation, six UV-resistant colors and the industry's only comprehensive warranty, the Play Protection PlanTM . Sof'Shield Outdoor comes in fall-height protection systems of 4, 6, 8 and 10 feet and is warranted for six years. Indoor, outdoor, wet or dry—Sof'Solutions is your solution for recreation surfacing.

SofSolutions Inc.: 800-523-8690

Falling Safely

SofTILE® KrosLOCK has been specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of today's safety-surfacing consumer. Recent design changes include enhancement of the locking system as well as increased density that also achieves the highest fall-protection ratings available. SofSurfaces is a market leader in performance and value. Its unique KrosLOCK joining system, combined with the industry's only warranty for durability and fall-height performance, is SofSurfaces' way of validating your trust in the SofTILE Brand. Contact SofSurfaces today for a free interactive guide to safety surfacing, available on CD-ROM.

SofSurfaces Inc.: 800-263-2363