Flying High

SunRamps are among the most affordable, high-quality skateparks on the market. Designed for multiple user groups—'boarders, 'bikers and 'bladers—SunRamps are ideal for any organization, from youth centers and churches to municipalities and military bases. All SunRamps are weather-resistant and virtually maintenance-free. Made with an exclusive molded wood core, polyurethane encapsulation, rust-free aluminum and Transition Boots™ that grip and protect surfaces, these ramps are safe for indoor or outdoor use. Little to no assembly is required, and ramps are available to fit any budget or space.

SunRamp Solutions Inc.: 877-978-6726

Skatepark Evolution

Skatewave, a leading manufacturer of modular community skateparks, introduces Skatewave 3.0—the first and only Skatepark system with completely interchangeable skate surfaces: TekTrack™, RampX™ or stainless steel. Not only does this give skatepark planners the ability to choose the surface that's right for their riders, but it also lets them change the surface as the needs of their riders change. Skatewave 3.0 is based on an ultra-modular design system that increases manufacturing precision and delivers the greatest cost efficiencies to the customer.

Skatewave: 888-438-6574

Super Skate Spots

American Ramp Company has partnered with Site Design Group Inc. to create "Signature Famous Skate Sports Equipment." This product line re-creates the 10 most famous skate spots found around the country and featured in many skate magazines. Each piece is endorsed by a pro skater and is manufactured using the exact dimensions of the famous skate spot. For the first time, you can bring the best skate spots in the country to your local skatepark.

American Ramp Company: 800-949-2024

Lock It Up

Any facility that welcomes youth can benefit from this product. Limit your liability by placing the responsibility on the skateboarders to lock up their equipment. The Boardloch® brand skateboard rack conveniently stores and secures up to five skateboards, is constructed of heavy-gauge steel and is zinc-plated to protect it from harsh outdoor environments. This rack conveniently mounts to any brick or concrete surface and is backed up with a 10-year limited warranty.

Elite Products and Design: 888-273-5624

Ramps & Rails

Playworld Systems' Woodward® Ramps & Rails is a leading provider of recreational skateparks for skateboarders, BMX bikers and inline skaters. Playworld Systems formed a partnership with Woodward® Sports Camp to become the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Woodward® Ramps & Rails. Woodward equipment provides local communities, parks and business owners high-quality, low-maintenance skatepark products. The ramps and rails are field-tested at Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania, the world's best-known extreme sports training facility. All equipment, including grind boxes, quarter-pipes, handrails and skateable tables are designed to withstand extreme conditions.

Woodward Ramps & Rails: 800-233-8404

Ramping Up

TrueRide introduces TRS, the new steel-framed skate ramp system, featuring galvanized steel frames with Flexcore substrate and Skatelite Pro skating surfaces. Like TrueRide's proven Composite Ramp System, TRS is completely customizable for unlimited skatepark designs. TrueRide offers free design for every client, and with more than 300 skateparks installed, you can be sure you will get the right park for your skaters.

TrueRide: 888-TRUERIDE