Climb Higher

Maximize the benefits of your playground with a modular, versatile, fully enclosed Hags Mega Tower. The Hags Mega Tower appeals to children by inviting them to look, touch, discover and play, and it contributes to awakening in them an appreciation for form, color and beauty. Each component is built to provide crucial challenges to enhance a child's development. Transform your playground into a safe, sensible, stimulating and complete play experience.

HAGS, a Division of Playpower Inc.: 888-458-2752

Line It Up

Newstripe introduces the Eco-Liner SP, setting a new standard in performance and value for walk-behind stripers. The Qwik-Lock hands-free spray trigger reduces the fatigue associated with extended striping. Weighing in at only 125 pounds, the Eco-Liner SP is maneuverable and easy to control. A standard 5-gallon paint tank eliminates cleanup and safety concerns of pressurized paint tanks. Simply set a bucket of premixed paint on the machine, snap on the lid and pull the trigger. Cleanup is also a snap.

Newstripe Inc.: 800-624-6706

Slide Right In

Step back and take in the big picture—it's water fun on an enormous scale. Aqua Recreation's huge selection includes the Drop Slide, 60-inch Inner Tube Slide, Speed Slide, single- or multi-flume Rainbow BendTM Slides, and the fully enclosed tube slides. Consult Aqua Recreation's experienced designers and create a custom slide design for a distinctive look and crowd-pleasing thrills.

Aqua Recreation, a Division of Playpower Inc.: 800-782-7529

Bust Dirty Pools

Water Tech announces a new commercial-grade version of its battery-operated Pool BusterTM pool vacuum, but with extra, heavy-duty components. The POOL BUSTERTM CG is 33 percent stronger than the standard Pool BusterTM , making it ideal for commercial-grade use. This unit is a rechargeable, battery-powered, self-contained underwater vacuum cleaner that is strong enough to clean the entire pool. The unit even has a patented new vacuum head that can be used on both vinyl liner and concrete pools—so one unit takes care of all pool customers.

Water Tech Inc.: 800-298-8800

Virtual Mountain Biking

Soft Play LLC introduces GAMEBIKETM —a new "Get Active Have Fun" component for use with its contained playgrounds or as a stand-alone active play element that provides lasting "Exertainment" for all ages. The GAMEBIKETM innovatively connects a mountain-bike-themed exercise bike to a plug-and-play video game. Kids move through any "racing" game by pedaling and steering the mountain bike. Features include: realistic mountain-bike graphics, optional kiosk with 19-inch LCD and gaming system, adjustable seat heights, inaccessible wires and controllers, reliable and proven athletic training technology and nationwide service.

Soft Play, a Division of Playpower Inc.: 888-752-9582


Acu-Trol Programmable Controllers introduces new Deluxe Stor-ProTM —a new chemical storage container system that offers a locking lid for safe and secure storage of pool and spa chemicals. The unit can be permanently mounted to a flat, level concrete or wood surface, or simply use sand at the bottom for a non-permanent installation. The Deluxe Stor-ProTM is available with a reusable, 2-gallon chemical-resistant inner container for indoor or outdoor use. An optional puncture and chemical-resistant tubing protection kit is available to protect feed-pump tubing from pests.

Acu-Trol Programmable Controllers: 800-273-4667

Shades of Memory

In 1993, tennis player Stacy Darling and her sister Amanda were killed in a tragic automobile accident. The world-class Darling Tennis Center near Las Vegas honors their memory. The custom arched cantilever shade structures from Dallas-based Sun Ports are made with high-density polyethylene woven mesh fabric (HDPE) and measure 30 feet by 40 feet, while standing more than 12 feet tall. The structures, which are perfectly contoured around the stadium, provide optimal shade for a center with recessed stadium seating.

Sun Ports, a Division of USA Shades: 800-966-5005

Control Joint

Quaker Plastic Corp. offers a patented Control Joint with a unique arrow-shape that presses easily into concrete. There are no channels to obstruct installation, and the unit locks into the concrete with minimal seepage. The control joint comes complete with double-thick peel-off tape to protect the top during installation. Ideal for pool decks and other landscaping/concrete pours. Available in 12-foot lengths in white, tan, gray or black.

Quaker Plastic Corp.: 717-285-4571