Removable Shade

Shade Systems is proud to announce that it has provided numerous shade products this year to the Miami-Dade County Parks Department in Florida. With hundreds of parks in their jurisdiction, Miami-Dade staff chose Shade Systems products because of their uncompromising quality standards as well as a patented Turn-N-Slide® easy fastening system to allow for quick removal of the canopies in case of hurricane. Just as importantly, they recognize that the Turn-N-Slide with 10-year warranty allows them to re-attach the canopies themselves without having to hire expensive outside installers every year.

Shade Systems Inc.: 800-609-6066

Let the Sun Shine In

Structures Unlimited offers next-generation daylighting solutions for building systems, allowing architects to manage usable daylight and custom-tune the energy performance of any Clearspan Skyroof or entire structure. Highly insulating, diffuse-light-transmitting panels eliminate glare and shadows while providing superior energy performance. Various combinations of translucent Kalwall structural sandwich panels, including revolutionary Nanogel, can be integrated with opaque insulated metal panels to provide an endless array of energy options, from R-4 to R-46. Motorized opening panels are available. The system can span areas up to 150 feet. Manufactured in the United States to meet or exceed all local building codes.

Structures Unlimited Inc.: 800-225-3895

Sun Screen

Shade Structures of Costa Mesa, Calif., provides safe sun protection and adds a huge splash of color to Robert E. Lundigan Park in Burbank, Calif. This yellow and turquoise Mariners fabric structure measures 40 feet by 40 feet and peaks at a height of 17 feet. The colors perfectly match the play equipment beneath. One of the premier brands of USA Shade & Fabric Structures, Shade Structures' unique products add value and distinction to any community. Screen the sun, keep the fun with Shade Structures.

Shade Structures: 800-50-SHADE (507-4233)

Quick and Easy

Easi-Set® transportable precast concrete buildings offer a lifetime, maintenance-free solution suitable for almost any application. Buildings can be used as restrooms, concession stands, equipment storage and more. Custom sizes and a variety of exteriors are available so buildings can fully meet the customer's needs while blending in with nearby structures. Easi-Set® buildings cost significantly less than comparable built-in-place construction. They are produced by local manufacturers throughout North America and can be transported to your site and installed in as little as a few hours.

Easi-Set Industries: 866-252-8210

Acclaimed Accommodation

Pacific Yurts are freestanding, easy-to-install structures that provide year-round comfort and an innovative, memorable experience. Founded in 1978, Pacific Yurts is the original designer and manufacturer of modern yurts, used as cozy accommodations that generate revenue in public and private parks, campgrounds and resorts. Thousands of customers around the world rely on Pacific Yurts' outstanding service and proven product performance. Options, including insulation, 15-year warranted fabric and the ability to add bathroom and kitchen facilities, offer value-added convenience. Their flexibility allows the yurts to work as simple cabins, fully furnished luxury retreats or meeting rooms in all climate conditions.

Pacific Yurts Inc.: 800-944-0240

Indoor Aquatics

Atria/Garden Prairie aquatic enclosures provide some of the most advanced commercial enclosures on the market. Color-coated aluminum frames and rafters minimize maintenance, while manual or electric opening light-transmitting roof panels and sliding glass doors allow for natural ventilation. The enclosures can increase participation in swimming and club activities at health and fitness centers, YMCAs, schools, waterparks and other recreation facilities. For almost four decades, CCSI International Inc., the manufacturer, has been a leader in the development of enclosures for both commercial and residential applications. You also can request roof-only projects.

CCSI International Inc.: 800-537-8231