On the Move

It does the work. You get the credit. The new Bobcat® 2300 quickly takes you, a co-worker and supplies to the job site. With its one-of-a-kind RapidLinkTM attachment system, use it to mow, move snow, sweep and move materials. Bobcat utility vehicles and work machines help you increase productivity, reduce manual labor and get the credit you deserve.

Bobcat: 866-823-7898

Divide and Conquer

Natare manufactures the largest and most technologically advanced bulkheads in the world. Natare's experience has been proven in international competition as well as college, high school and recreational facilities. Natare's bulkheads span the width of a swimming pool, creating a movable bridge, dividing a large single-activity pool into a multiple-activity pool quickly and easily. Natare Bulkheads can be repositioned to accommodate both imperial and metric competition courses, and used to host several events simultaneously.

Natare Corporation: 800-336-8828

Dry Wet Suits

Keep the pool out of your locker room. Extractor Corporation offers its SUITMATE Swimsuit Water Extractor, designed to extract 95 percent of the water out of wet swimsuits in five to 10 seconds. Members love SUITMATE because they can pack a drip-free swimsuit to take home or leave in their locker without worry about water damage and mildew. Easy to wall-mount and connects to any convenient 115-volt circuit. Easy to use and operate.

Extractor Corporation: 800-553-3353

Find Your Footing

The Sure-Foot Decorative Coating brochure depicts the versatility of this inexpensive coating, as well as how attractive any surface can become. Sure-Foot easily converts unattractive, hazardous walking surfaces into safe, stunning works of art. It can be applied both on and above grade as a simple one-color finish or as exotic as the property owner wants. Patterns, logos, custom colors, simulated granite, stone or tile finishes are quick and easy to achieve.

Environmental Coating Systems Inc.: 800-ALL-DECK (255-3325)

Shelter Showcase

For over 30 years, the Poligon name has been synonymous with quality, innovation and variety in pre-engineered and manufactured park shelters. The 52-page Poligon catalog vibrantly showcases the Poligon line of more than 100 standard shelters. Filled with dynamic photography and information on selecting a shelter that's tailored to any application, the Poligon catalog is an indispensable tool for architects, landscape architects and park officials looking to equip their spaces with the best shelters available.

Poligon, a product of PorterCorp: 800-354-7721

Made in the Shade

Shade Systems manufactures outdoor shade structures offering the patented Turn-N-Slide® easy canopy removal and re-attachment system. Standard on all Shade Systems frame-supported shade covers, the Turn-N-Slide makes it easy for just one person to quickly remove and re-attach the canopy in case of hurricane or winter weather. On playgrounds, sports fields, pool decks and concession areas, a perfect solution for harmful sun exposure is a durable and attractive shade product from Shade Systems. 10-year fabric warranty.

Shade Systems Inc.: 800-609-6066

Building Options

Request a copy of CXT's catalog brochure, which contains information on 21 different restroom/shower/concession and storage buildings. CXT would also be happy to send a CD with detailed specifications, AutoCAD drawings and pictures of the features and options of each building. It provides all the information you'll need to make an informed decision on your next restroom purchase.

CXT Inc.: 800-696-5766

Cool Breezes

Apollo Sunguard's BreezeBellas provide ideal shade and UV protection for pool areas, outdoor seating, play and picnic areas—anywhere shade is needed. BreezeBellas lower temperatures up to 20 degrees underneath and block up to 97 percent of cancer-causing UV radiation. BreezeBellas are engineered for 120-mile-per-hour winds with the covers on and are designed for quick and easy cover removal. Non-prorated warranty. Available in a spectrum of bright colors. Size ranges from 8 feet to 20 feet diameter.

Apollo Sunguard Systems Inc.: 800-319-1010