Top Scores

Sports fans, athletic directors and administrators have relied on the style, performance and innovation of Fair-Play Scoreboards to stay on top of their game for more than 70 years. Fair-Play Scoreboards, a Trans-Lux company, designs and manufactures quality scoreboards and accessories for high schools, colleges and municipalities. The company is an industry leader in LED scoreboard technology and wireless sign controls. Catch the spirit of Fair-Play.

Fair-Play Scoreboards: 800-247-0265

Swim Supplies

Brock's swimming pool equipment supplies catalog is a rundown of everything from acid pumps to winter pool covers. It highlights eight products offered including a vacuum that uses a 3.5-horsepower Briggs and Stratton gas engine; a "breathable" lifeguard chair umbrella with an open-weave material that blocks up to 75 percent of the sun's rays' and a top-of-the-line head immobilizer that has two head supports, with ear openings, Velcro® base plate and two straps to hold the head in place while providing lateral support.

Brock Enterprises: 800-332-2360

Floors With Muscle

For more than 50 years, Mitchell Rubber Products has been producing some of the most recognized and durable sports surfacing solutions worldwide. These sports floors are designed with the customer in mind. They feature easy self-installation, no glues or adhesives, a 10-year warranty, 10 brilliant colors, custom color matching with a minimum order, and a complete range of products for any budget.

Mitchell Rubber Products: 800-453-7526

Sand Cleaner

Keeping sand areas clean is important for golf, sports, games, beaches and other sandy environments. The Nolte BC 1000 Sandcleaner is an easy-to-use, multi-purpose motor-driven unit that removes all types of pollutants in small and medium-sized sand areas like golf course bunkers, horse tracks, playgrounds and beaches. Refuse is collected in a rubbish bag fitted on the side. The Nolte BC 1500 is designed for operation with agricultural towing vehicles without hydraulics. Collected waste and rubbish are automatically transported to a collecting bin.

Pifer Inc.: 888-442-8442

Sitting Pretty

Kay Park's Speedy Bleacher with push-button hydraulic operating system and automatic folding guardrails is the ultimate in seating versatility. Easily moved to various locations around your city or campus, these mobile units often are used both indoors and outdoors for regular athletic events, overflow crowds, parades and special events. Kay Park also manufactures a complete line of bleachers, picnic tables, benches, grills, bike racks, pedal boats and other site furnishings.

Kay Park-Recreation Corporation: 800-553-2476

Fountains and More

Most Dependable Fountains Inc. is the leading manufacturer of outdoor products as featured in its free 2007 catalog. Products include outdoor drinking fountains, shower towers, pet fountains, handwash stations, hose bibs, jug fillers, misters and water play towers.

Most Dependable Fountains Inc.: 800-552-6331

Tools for Pools

Recreonics Inc. Buyer's Guide and Operators Handbook contains the largest selection of commercial swimming pool equipment available. Complete with technical product data, this full-color, 180-page guide is an essential tool for aquatic directors, pool managers, swim coaches and anyone in the pool industry.

Recreonics Inc.: 800-428-3254

The Fit Life

The manufacturer of the number-one brand of fitness equipment in health clubs worldwide, Life Fitness has a proven track record of providing premium fitness equipment for nearly 30 years. The new Circuit Series strength-training line delivers total-body workouts for exercisers of all fitness levels. The machines feature an innovative resistance selection system that eliminates intimidating weight plates, requires no machine setup adjustments, and offers low starting resistance and small resistance increments that help exercisers stay motivated.

Life Fitness: 800-634-8637