Jump for Joy

A heavy-duty trampoline for jumping and rebounding provides a fun, safe and effective whole-body exercise. The Trampoline Station is the only product of its kind that provides a safe and secure frame for people of all ages and any ability level to get the health benefits of rebounding. Perfect for nearly any application, from a station in circuit training to an independent exercise product. A bonus feature includes the ability to adjust the angle of the rebounder, making it perfect for plyometric medicine ball training.

Motion Fitness: 877-668-4664

Rack It Up

TROY Barbell's new accessory rack, GTAR, is designed to provide convenient storage for your cable attachments and accessories. The GTAR's stylish and space-efficient design complements any gym or workout room décor. It is equipped with dual rubber-lined shelves that keep accessories and attachments organized and easily accessible. The attractive chrome wear-guard protects against surface damage and offers storage for six bar handles 20 inches and wider. The neutral platinum color (powder-coated finish), as with the new Troy commercial dumbbell and barbell racks (DR-10 and BB-10), is compatible with virtually any facility.

TROY Barbell: 800-872-7767

Take a Seat

Peak Pilates® brings you the next level of excitement in group exercise—the patented MVeTM Fitness Chair. A reimagined breed of Pilates equipment synergized with heart-pumping, music-driven fusion workouts that draw a crowd. Your group exercise space works smarter with the MVe Fitness Chair's brilliant integration of multilevel resistance and its sleek, stackable design. It gets classes up and off the mat and onto an exciting new plane with over 100 exercises, and stores unobtrusively out of the way. With an appeal that spans demographics, skill levels and abilities, MVe has the power to boost class size, rev up retention and ignite new memberships.

Peak Pilates: 800-925-3674

High-Tech Tread

Motus USA has developed a revolutionary line of commercial treadmills that feature components from leading manufacturers such as Samsung TV Entertainment, Hyundai Electronics and Mitsubishi Motors. The result is precision-engineered parts and cutting-edge technology for the M990 Treadmill Series. Innovative design includes patented triple-shock absorption system, anti-microbial handlebars to reduce bacteria, fully integrated LCD TV entertainment offering up to 125 TV channels, polar heart rate, smooth and quiet running with minimum vibration, and large touch-sensitive keys for easy viewing. Each product is backed by a strong commercial warranty, quality customer service and technical support. Trade-in programs and in-house financing options available.

Motus USA: 866-668-8766

Small-Space Storage

When every square inch of studio or training space is valuable, efficient equipment storage is vital. Power Systems introduces the Small Storage Rack for BOSU® to help you increase the safety of your facility and decrease the clutter by getting the BOSU®s off the floor. This welded-steel rack can hold up to six inflated BOSU®s and easily rolls through a standard doorway so you can take your BOSU®s where they are needed.

Power Systems: 800-321-6975

Fitness for All

The VitaGlide Pro was developed by RMT Fitness to provide a safe and effective workout for people with disabilities. Using its unique V-shaped linear tracking, the VitaGlide workout focuses on three different areas. The pushing and pulling motion strengthens both sides of the shoulders to balance the joint and prevent injury and pain. The trunk rotation that results from the "V" design works the stomach muscles. The resistance control provides a great cardio workout. The VitaGlide Pro is designed for a commercial application, such as a rehabilitation center, gym, health club or wellness center.

RMT Fitness: 800-577-4424

Row That Boat

Designed in response to feedback from health clubs, the Model E Indoor Rower boasts enhanced technological features and a more accessible 20-inch seat height—6 inches higher than Concept2's Model D. A rugged double-coated frame, rechargeable battery and nickel-plated chain help minimize maintenance. The new PM4 monitor makes rowing more fun with games, wireless heart-rate monitoring and racing capabilities.

Concept2: 800-245-5676

Three in One

The 340 TRI-CORE Balance and Stablization Multistation combines three revolutionary products into one space-saving multistation. Included in the TRI-CORE are the Functional Pulley, the STS Sit-to-Stand Exerciser and the 355 Series with e1 resistance system. Each product serves various exercise and rehab functions individually, yet they work together to improve balance and stabilization. The compact design maximizes floor space while allowing up to three users to exercise simultaneously. The three stations progressively take the user through a strengthening exercise routine. The TRI-CORE protocol will result in an increase in user strength, improving user independence.

Endorphin Corporation: 800-940-9844