Form and Function

efi Sports Medicine's® GRAVITYSystemTM consists of four programming disciplines (group training, Pilates, personal training and post-rehab), which are all performed on the revolutionary GTS® machine. Able to adjust to eight levels of resistance, the GTS is a glideboard and cable-pulley gravity training device that encourages functional exercise by engaging multiple muscle groups at once in over 250 exercises. GRAVITYGroupTM sessions offer a small-group total-body workout in 30 to 45 minutes and are designed to deliver quick, efficient and effective workouts while maximizing floor space, expanding program variety and increasing revenue.

efi Sports Medicine: 800-541-4900

Spinning Stars

Star Trac is a full-service fitness company offering a complete line of high-quality cardiovascular and strength equipment. The company is partnered with Mad Dogg Athletics, creators of the original indoor cycling program Spinning®, as the manufacturer for the Spinner® Elite, the Spinner® Pro and the revolutionary Spinner® NXT. The Spinner® NXT features upgraded cranks and pedals, an all-aluminum frame and water-bottle holders integrated into the handlebars. Together, Star Trac and Mad Dogg Athletics have also developed instructor orientations and continuing education programs to enhance the overall Spinning® experience at every facility.

Star Trac: 800-228-6635

Essential Equipment

As one of the most versatile cross-trainers in the industry, the NuStep® TRS 4000 provides a complete workout for all major muscle groups. The 10 different workloads provide a challenging workout for exercise enthusiasts of any age group. The TRS 4000 offers upper- and lower-body conditioning without stress on the joints and muscles, making it an ideal piece of equipment for any facility.

NuStep: 734-769-3939

High-Powered Fitness

The Octane Fitness Pro3500/Pro3500XL elliptical cross-trainers boast the exclusive Body-Mapping Ergonomics, the patented QuadLink drive, digital-contact heart-rate monitoring, 30 resistance levels and several motivating workouts. The proprietary MultiGrip handlebars offer numerous positions for variety and comfort. Both models include the unique X-Mode that promotes ultra-cross training; GluteKicker that targets the hips, thighs and butt; and ArmBlaster that alternates steady resistance with intense upper-body sessions. The Pro3500XL is the only elliptical equipped with a 24-inch stride length to custom-fit exercisers who prefer a longer stride. Space-efficient and durable, each self-powered machine accommodates users up to 400 pounds.

Octane Fitness: 888-OCTANE-4 (628-2634)

Steady Strides

The Stride 210c allows you to work out with multiple repetitions without creating fatigue or muscle strain. The unit is built around Quantum's patented Mid-Drive technology and 21-inch fixed Stride Motion that promotes core stability and balance while providing an enjoyable workout. At less than 44 inches long and only 32 inches wide, the Q210c boasts the smallest footprint. With features such as cushioned foot pedals that are less than 2 inches apart to keep your body aligned, and uniquely designed upper-body arms, with ergonomically designed handgrips that do not put stress on the wrists, the Stride is biomechanically correct.

Quantum Fitness: 800-937-2282

Work With Your Weight

The TRX Professional is the first complete bodyweight training system designed for the unique demands of health clubs, rec centers and physical education programs. Developed in the U.S. Navy SEALs and used by professional athletes and trainers, the TRX is highly effective at improving core stability, functional strength and flexibility. Users of all fitness levels can perform functional exercises for the entire body with bodyweight resistance that adjusts from 0 to 100 percent. The TRX easily anchors to trees, goal posts, weight racks, walls and more. Outdoor fitness programs, fitness guides and online training are also available.

Fitness Anywhere Inc.: 888-878-5348

A Good Grip

Perhaps one of the most ergonomically correct dumbbells on the market, York's Medial-Grip Pro Style Dumbbell features a shortened, fully knurled 33-mm solid-steel handle, resulting in less hand travel and optimum control. Soft, non-metallic shoulders at either end of the bar cradle the hand, ensuring a snug grip for improved comfort, balance and reduction in hand fatigue. The dumbbell heads are comprised of solid steel inserts fully encased in virgin rubber. York and weight increment are black on manufactured dumbbells.

York Barbell Company: 800-358-9675

Corner Cross-Training

TuffStuff Fitness Equipment's CXT-100 Corner Multi-Functional Cross Trainer is designed to use the corner space effectively and efficiently. The CXT-100 is compact and versatile with unlimited exercise options in a 12.5-square-foot floor space. The wide base frame area is easily accessible for wheelchairs, rehab equipment, workout benches and stability balls. The unique, built-in weight resistance conversion device easily changes the resistance ratio from full to half of the weight selected. Includes two weight stacks of 150 pounds each.

TuffStuff Fitness Equipment Inc.: 909-629-1600