Tough Enough

Iron Grip Barbell Company, the largest provider of commercial free-weight equipment worldwide, has introduced a newly redesigned Olympic bar line. The new bars feature a swaged sleeve-collar assembly that has proven stronger than welding, even under severe testing. The line includes a 7-foot Olympic bar, a 5-foot Olympic bar and a 54-inch EZ Curl bar. All bars feature aircraft-quality Hard Chrome that meets military specifications for durability and are manufactured exclusively in the United States with a five-year warranty against breakage.

Iron Grip Barbell Company: 800-664-4766


Ab SoloTM Core Intensive Training combines the proven benefits of traditional crunches and medicine ball tosses into a uniquely fun and effective interactive system for exercisers of all ages and conditioning levels. Ab Solo Core Intensive Training strengthens and conditions the abdominal, oblique and lower-back muscles while providing upper-body and cardiovascular benefits. Exercisers establish a controlled crunch movement tossing medicine balls against a target, either ball catch or bounce board, then retrieve or catch and repeat. Ab Solo training can be made as dynamic and challenging as desired by using heavier medicine balls, accelerating the pace, modifying the upper-body movements and increasing the number of repetitions.

Ab Solo: 877-422-7656


The SportsArt Fitness T670 Xtreme treadmill features a host of innovations, including the new ECO-PowrTM System, a maintenance-free, self-regulating, brushless drive system that results in long-term savings by using up to 32 percent less electricity than standard DC-powered units. The My-FlexTM cushioning system ensures a comfortable, joint-friendly workout by automatically varying the softness of the treadmill deck based on the user's weight, while the CommandCenterTM features the proprietary CardioAdvisorTM heart-rate training system and an all-new user interface, which provides easy access to a variety of professionally designed programs.

SportsArt Fitness: 800-709-1400