Nice Ice

Follett Corporation's automatic ice-bagging and dispensing system, Ice Pro, with up to 1,000 pounds of ice storage, automatically dispenses cube ice into bags, carts and other receptacles, eliminating the need to shovel or scoop ice from the bin. No hands or tools touch the ice, providing a maximum level of sanitation. The Ice Pro is especially designed for fast and easy filling of bags, up to eight 10-pound bags per minute. Includes a blower that automatically puffs bags open for high-volume dispensing and a timer to fill bags to a consistent level. The chute directs ice neatly into bags so there are no messy spills or wet floors to clean up.

Follett Corporation: 800-523-9361

Eco-Friendly Containers

Pactiv introduces the new PlacesetterĀ® PreferredTM Molded Fiber Hinge Lid Container, a practical choice in containers that is beneficial both operationally and for the environment. PlacesetterĀ® PreferredTM Molded Fiber Hinge Lid containers are composed of a strong molded fiber blend of bagasse (sugar cane) and bamboo, both of which are sustainable, annually renewable resources. Currently available in a large, single-compartment dual-tab container, including a sturdy design that provides the strength and security needed to handle a wide variety of foods. Offer soak-through-resistant finish, strong molded fiber, double tab lock, natural white appearance and stackability.

Pactiv Corporation: 800-476-4300