Neater Heater

E-ZEE Flow Indirect Pool Heater saves money and extends pool season because it uses energy from an existing boiler. Saves on installation and energy costs as well. Full range of sizes for swimming pools, spas and hot tubs—for residential and commercial applications. Made of 316L stainless steel, with induced self-cleaning feature for added convenience. Comes with mounting brackets for easier installation.

Diversified Heat Transfer Inc.: 800-221-1522

Deck Perfection

All Deck has it all over other pool-deck coatings because it is also a waterproofing system used over occupied space as both the roofing and decking, in one system. All Deck's non-skid finish reduces surface temperature, while improving the appearance. Its simplicity of application makes it cost-effective and practical for in-house application. The All Deck Coating System comes in 26 standard colors, plus 18 decorative stencils to make any surface look like stone, tile, brick or pavers. Confetti Finish is also available in the same 26 colors. Confetti Finish increases the non-skid effect while giving surfaces the look of granite.

Environmental Coating Systems Inc.: 800-ALL-DECK (255-3325)

Water Workout

The Aquatrend Water Workout StationTM is aquatic exercise equipment for practically any in-ground pool, indoor or outdoor. It is simple to install and easy to use. Its lightweight and compact design mean it takes little valuable pool space, yet allows for greater use of the pool. It provides effective, low-impact aquatic workouts for people of all ages. It's manufactured of marine-grade stainless steel to provide maximum durability. The Aquatrend Water Workout Station provides a platform for toning and strengthening muscle, increasing flexibility, promoting good cardiovascular health and even for physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Aquatic Trends Inc.: 800-775-9588

Disinfection Simplified

Manufacturer of "The Solution," an adjustable, wide-range, bulk sodium hypochlorite feed system designed to improve the operational safety and simplify the disinfection process while reducing costs. This patented system employs the use of high-capacity vacuum-induction technology. Venturi feed action thoroughly blends the chlorine into the water, delivering an even distribution of chemical throughout the system and enabling precise water chemistry control under the heaviest demands. This process provides for continuous breakpoint chlorination, which eliminates superchlorination requirements by significantly reducing chloramines formation. "The Solution" is virtually maintenance-free, carries a complete two-year warranty and is listed NSF/ANSI Standard 50.

SureWater Technologies Inc.: 407-948-2080

Chemical Safety

The New Clor TecTM generator provides safe, on-site generation of chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) using salt, water and electricity. The system produces a 0.8 percent hypochlorite solution, which flows into a storage tank, and a metering pump delivers the disinfectant to an ejection point in the return line to the pool. The Clor TecTM system is safer to use as it eliminates the risks associated with traditional storage, transportation and handling of bulk chlorine as well as the health hazards associated with chlorine gas fumes.

Advanced Control Logix: 530-389-9020

Easy Access

Aquatic Access® Inc. builds water-powered lifts that provide access to pools and spas for handicapped and elderly people, including those requiring heavy-duty lifts and larger seats. Powered by the environmentally friendly and readily available power of ordinary city water pressure, each Aquatic Access lift is built to fit the pool where it is to be used. Every lift includes all necessary components for a complete installation in the base price. Aquatic Access offers the tried-and-true way to provide the least expensive ADA-compliant access to aquatic activities for everyone.

Aquatic Access Inc.: 800-325-5438

Measure, Control, Meter

ProMinent® DULCOMETER® Disinfection Controller/Monitor (DDC) is a bus system for interlinking components in disinfection systems. Control up to 16 locations and five variables with one central unit. The DULCOMETER® Disinfection Controller/Monitor and DULCO®-net technology are revolutionizing measuring, control and metering technology in water treatment systems. The decentralized modular concept with one single central unit controls sensors and actuators for up to 16 measurement locations. Measured process variables include free chlorine, total chlorine, combined chlorine, pH, ORP and temperature. ProMinent offers the highest-quality metering pumps, instrumentation for monitoring, measurement and control, and complete systems.

ProMinent Fluid Controls Inc.: 412-788-7918

Forever Lifeguard Chairs

Durable recycled plastic lumber with slip-resistant texture. Can be used indoors and out, and withstands weather extremes. All styles include umbrella mount and ring buoy holder. The 40-inch Guard Chair is pictured (#500231). Kiefer has many guard chairs to fit your needs.

Adolph Kiefer: 800-323-4071