Pumped Up

ITT Marlow Leisure Products manufactures the most complete line of pumps for commercial pool and waterpark applications available anywhere. The line includes the Stock Line "L" Series end-suction centrifugal pump featuring 1,500-gallon-per-minute capacity. Marlow's Pump Selection Program is the most comprehensive in the industry and the only one that allows you to select end-suction-centrifugal, self-priming and split-case pumps.

ITT Marlow: 847-983-5805

Quench Your Thirst

Modern Pool Systems offers the new Sqwincher® drink for facility managers, lifeguards and other employees who work in the high-heat-stress environment of outdoor pools all summer. The Sqwincher® electrolyte replacement formula drink is absorbed 98 percent faster than water alone, allowing the body to replenish electrolytes and minerals needed for rehydration. Plus, Sqwincher® contains twice the potassium and half the sodium of other sports drinks. Available in small, easy-to-pour powder packets. The drink is even available in sugar-free Qwik sticks—perfect for diabetics or weight-conscious go-getters. No need to lug around heavy bottles of water.

Modern Pool Systems LLC: 800-488-9146

Sun Blocker

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen manufactures fragrance-free, greaseless, broad-spectrum sunscreen in gallon and quart pump dispensers for the aquatics industry. To view the entire RMS Sun Safety program for both lifeguards and youth programs, visit the Web site and click on REPORTS.

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen: 888-356-8899

Spring Clean

Plastimayd's revolutionary new fabric for safety covers—new ULTRA-MAYDTM Mesh—is a tighter-weave mesh that offers the advantages of a solid safety cover without the weight. It blocks out more sunlight than conventional mesh covers and filters out more dirt for an overall cleaner pool when opened in the spring. The new ULTRA-MAYDTM Mesh blocks out 93 percent of sunlight—unlike conventional mesh materials, which only filter out approximately 84 percent of sunlight. This added filtration makes spring-time pools cleaner—all the benefits of a solid cover without the hassles of heavy solid covers. Ideal for aquatic facilities closed for winter.

Plastimayd Corporation: 800-348-2600

Down the Drain

Quaker Plastic Corp. announced a revolutionary radius curved deck drain that works flawlessly with free-form-shaped pools and decks. The new radius curved deck drain is the newest addition to Quaker's 3-inch Water Hog Deck Drain line. Made of all-weather PVC, the new curved drain comes packed with tops, base screws and connectors ready for installation. The new radius curved drain can handle more water volume than any other drain, making it ideal for aquatic facilities looking for a deck drain that will truly avoid any clogging problems.

Quaker Plastic Corporation: 717-285-4571

Program and Monitor

CHEMTROL® manufactures automated chemical controllers that are microprocessor-based programmable controllers for control of water chemistry (ORP, PPM and pH), water balance (conductivity and Langelier Index), heater with energy saving and automatic filter backwash. They feature true duplex monitoring by remote computer, Windows graphic display of test data, a five-year electronics warranty and toll-free technical support based on more than 40,000 installations worldwide.

CHEMTROL: 800-621-2279

Natatorium Dehumidification

Seresco offers a unique combination of innovative product design, top-quality manufacturing and a team with almost 100 years of industry experience. Seresco's line of dehumidification systems offers many unique advantages. Seresco offers CommandCenterTM , a powerful microprocessor and WebSentryTM , an Internet-based remote monitoring and control function. Using sophisticated electronics and the latest in Internet technology, Seresco and its service representatives are able to remotely monitor ongoing unit performance from anywhere on the Internet. Seresco systems are designed to meet the needs of your facility with options such as complete factory packages with purge/economizer modes, heat recovery, pool-water heating and green refrigerants.

Seresco Inc.: 888-SERESCO (737-3726)

Chlorination Situation

The Mineral Springs® Commercial line powered by ChlorKing® technology is the professional's choice for saline chlorination. Biolab Commercial Pool Care features industrial-quality units with outputs ranging from 1.25 pounds per day to 25 pounds per day that create a consistent, reliable chlorine residual in the pool water with minimal labor while reducing chlorine storage requirements.

Biolab Commercial Pool Care: 800-507-7531