Play and Spray

Empex Watertoys® has completed the installation of a new Aquatons® water playground in the Freemont Yogi Bear Jellystone Park. With a beach entry all around, the shallow pool descends to 12 inches deep, allowing parents to relax knowing their children are not in deep water. The colorful new equipment is corrosion-free and lightning-resistant. Empex Watertoys® has recently developed a new Aquaton product mix specifically for camping resorts. The Aquadek T410-1A, a water-play structure, is installed as a central focus and various Aquatons® spray features, Aquajetz® and interactive Watertoys® are combined in the surrounding shallow pool to provide hours of safe water play for children.

Empex Watertoys: 905-649-5047

Planetary Play

Aviva Sports introduced the first ever 12-foot Saturn recreational water toy. Have you ever climbed on a planet? You can now! Up to five participants (kids and adults) can climb on the Saturn, and everyone will be giggling, laughing and having fun as they experience the tilting, rotating, topsy-turvy fun. Participants will get a nice workout as they swim, climb and explore Saturn.

Aviva Sports LLC: 573-346-1402


The use of an insulating floating pool cover will reduce water evaporation, chemical loss and energy costs, and will help keep your pool cleaner. Pool covers are custom-designed and fitted to your pool dimensions. Stainless-steel storage reels are designed for easy removal and storage of your insulating pool covers.

Lincoln Equipment Inc.: 800-223-5450

Let There Be Light

Atria Aquatic Enclosures features rigid framed glazed structures that are custom-designed for a variety of uses including commercial and residential pools, waterparks, leisure/sun rooms and more. These structures provide a light, crisp environment that allows visitors to enjoy activities year-round. The powder-coated, colored aluminum frames, rafters and sliding glass doors require minimum maintenance, while providing maximum durability. The light-transmitting insulated roof panels open to allow for natural ventilation. Wide spans and roof-only projects are available. CCSI, Atria's manufacturer, prides itself on its long-term acceptance by architects and builders who recognize the structural integrity and longevity of its glazed enclosures.

CCSI International Inc.: 800-537-8231

Sand Filters

Horizontal tanks are filament-wound fiberglass construction and are NSF-approved for flow rates up to 20 gallons per minute per square foot of filter area, with a maximum flow of 900 gallons per minute per tank. Tanks can be stacked to minimize floor space needs. Mer-Made uses a gravel media system that eliminates the use of bottom laterals. These filters have no lateral pipes buried in the sand bed. Expensive replacement of broken laterals will never be required.

Mer-Made: 803-793-4265

Got Grit?

The new Grit-GitterTM Stretch is the latest upgrade to the popular Grit-GitterTM offering a longer-reaching, versatile vacuum to clean without getting into the water. The extender portion can be removed to convert it to the familiar 9-inch-long Grit-GitterTM . This two-in-one vacuum allows you to clean staying out of the water or in the water. You can customize your reach by replacing the yellow tube with a standard 1-inch PVC pipe cut to any length. It is perfect for vacuuming pool steps, splasher pools, spas and hot tubs, and tight corners anywhere. Comes with a one-year warranty and easy-to-follow instructions.

Grit Gitter: 877-521-0555

A Tight Race

Competitor Swim Products is now distributing the Titeline swimming-lane tightener for creating optimal training and competition environments. Titeline is easy to install and simple to operate. After initial installation, no tools are required. Simply twist or untwist the Titeline adjuster in order to adjust racing-lane tension. Because Titeline does not twist the cable each time tension is adjusted, there is no wear and tear on the swimming-lane cable. Constructed of durable, non-corrosive materials, the Titeline will not rust or crack if dropped on the pool deck. Equipped with a non-slip rubberized grip and available in four vibrant colors.

Competitor Swim Products: 800-888-SWIM (7946)

Water Worlds

Water Technology Inc. is a premier aquatic planning, design and engineering firm. Water Technology's portfolio includes waterparks, resort/hotel pools, YMCA/YWCA pools, clubs and community developments, and therapy and wellness pools. From conceptual design through construction administration, Water Technology turns vision into reality.

Water Technology Inc.: 800-538-8207