New and improved PRS product is now EPA-approved for trapping Cryptosporidium using a patent pending for flocculation of cryptosporidium from recreational water. PRS is a viable means of enhanced filtration to effectively trap cryptosporidium as well as E. coli and algae—by enhancing a filter's ability to remove particles that are too small to be trapped by filter technology alone. Using a two-part system of natural biopolymers, PRS effectively reduces turbidity and cloudiness that occur during high bather loads. Works with pool filter media such as sand, Zeolite, cellulose and cartridges.

SeaKlear Water Treatment Solutions: 866-995-5327

Air Handling

Innovent's Natatorium Dehumidification Units (NDHUs) provide a naturally fresh and comfortable indoor pool environment that is healthy and comfortable for swimmers, prevents undue deterioration of the building and minimizes unhealthy chemicals in the air. In winter, NDHUs dehumidify with naturally dry outside air. A 75-percent-effective heat exchanger lowers operating costs. In summer, NDHUs cool fresh, outside air to keep pool humidity and temperature at ideal levels.

Innovent Air Handling Equipment: 612-877-4800

Spin and Spray

The Spinnaker, new from Rain Drop Products Spinner Series, offers extreme excitement. Children are sure to be delighted with the mesmerizing whirls of water. Infinite adjustment of spray angles allows you to add your personal touch of creativity to produce captivating water patterns. This, along with the optional FunFlow valve, create an endless amount of fun.

Rain Drop Products: 800-343-6063

Water Resistance

Power Systems' aqua-exercise equipment includes Premium Water Dumbbells, Premium Water Flotation Belt and Premium Water Cuffs. Constructed of non-abrasive closed-cell EVA foam, this equipment will not chip or absorb water. The Premium Water Dumbbells are triangular for variable resistance in shallow or deep water, and have textured grips and removable end caps to allow the user to fill them with water for additional resistance. The Premium Water Flotation Belt is designed to comfortably contour the user's body to ensure long-lasting support, buoyancy and resistance. Premium Water Cuffs can be used on the ankles or wrists to add buoyancy without bulk to shallow- or deep-water exercises.

Power Systems: 800-321-6975

Simple Slidin'

Spectrum Products® platform slides incorporate the latest concepts in manufacturing techniques to ensure customers have the ability to add a safe and affordable slide structure to a facility without unnecessary renovation. These easily installed play structures can be attached to your existing deck and, in most cases, can be assembled in a single day. With numerous configuration options available, Spectrum's PlayTimeTM Series slides are versatile enough that there is surely one that is perfect for you. All slide components meet Consumer Product Safety Commission standards.

Spectrum Products: 800-791-8056