Quick Draw

Specifically designed for climbing gyms and walls that receive high traffic. Built to last for years, the large, durable steel frame sports an aluminum bent gate for easy, smooth clipping. This draw comes completely assembled with a captive eye on the carabiner and a screw link for semi-permanent placement on your wall. The carabiner can also be purchased separately.

Liberty Mountain: 888-90-CLIMB (902-5462)

Climb with a Twist

The Mobius climber is a looping, twisting playground event that was designed to challenge kids who love to climb. The Mobius comes in four configurations—three-panel, six-panel, seven-panel and 12-panel. You can even choose from two shimmering panel colors—natural aluminum or bronze. The surface of the Mobius is built from corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum, which refracts sunlight and stays cool to the touch. Many kids of different ages can enjoy the Mobius climber at the same time.

Landscape Structures: 888-4FUNLSI (438-6574)

Spirit of Adventure

Extreme Engineering offers a large selection of patented mobile and stationary climbing walls and other climbing elements. Mobile climbing walls are perfect for promotional and recreational activities. They are fully equipped with safety auto-belay systems and climbing gear to fit a wide range of climbers. Stationary climbing walls can retrofit an existing racquetball court, fit into unique locations and are designed to be cost-effective. Each stationary climbing wall is equipped with safety and climbing gear. Extreme Engineering's Spider Zone climbing elements are perfect for children. Children climb through vinyl straps to challenge their strength and skills to reach the top.

Extreme Engineering: 916-663-1560

Rocks and Ropes

A Rocks and Ropes Adventure Course brings natural play to parks. It combines sophisticated concrete rock-climbing sculptures with exciting low-ropes course events. The system is incredibly durable, affordable and fully compliant with national playground standards. The Rocks and Ropes Adventure Course is a totally new concept by Beckwith Associates Inc., the creators of BOLDR climbing systems. It is the first "play equipment" that supports recreational programming and provides a place for team-building activities without the need for belay. This is an innovative and extremely popular way to promote family fitness and active lifestyles that is accessible every day to the whole community.

Beckwith Associates Inc.: 707-824-9349

Bouldering Basics

Sport Rock International Inc. has developed an incredibly realistic boulder with an unsurpassed aesthetic appearance and the incredible real feel of a natural rock surface. The boulders are manufactured in Sport Rock's facility using a specially formulated ceramic-based resin with reinforced interior laminate for strength and durability. The Sierra is Sport Rock's largest boulder at 8 feet wide, 20 feet long and 9 feet high. The Summit (pictured here) is 8 feet wide, 9 feet long and 9 feet high, followed by the Cascade series, which is the smallest set of three graduated boulders.

Sport Rock International Inc.: 805-434-2305

Like a Rock

Nicros introduced decorative rock-climbing walls (A.R.T.WallTM ) to the industry in 1994 and continues to provide custom "rock-like" climbing walls. A.R.T.WallTM makes a stunning addition to any facility and often is the showpiece for recreation or community centers, schools and universities, as well as traditional climbing facilities. A.R.T.WallTM is a glass-fiber-reinforced concrete product made from molds of real rock. Concrete provides the solid, cool feel of rock while nature provides a diversity of intricate climbing features. The handhold attachment points are flat disks that are carefully arranged to guarantee proper alignment of the handholds against the surface of the wall itself.

Nicros: 651-778-1975

Towering Fun

The ANCHOR Tower is Cornerstone Designs' most versatile climbing/rappelling tower, giving programs options for bouldering, top-rope climbing and rappelling both outside and inside the tower. It is a four-pole, three-sided tower with a footprint dimension of 16 feet by 16 feet, two decks and a metal roof. The bottom 9 feet of the tower serve as a bouldering Grotto, another popular Cornerstone design. The tower can be customized to fit your program needs. Some options include the addition of climbing features, a Zip Line or Giant Swing exit, cantilevered decks for free rappelling and an internal stairway.

Cornerstone Designs Inc.: 800-706-0064

Climbing Challenge

Entre Prises Climbing walls, with more than 4,000 installations worldwide, introduced its newest innovation, Durastone Panels. Durastone Panels are molded, 4-foot-by-4-foot rock-textured panels that attach to an existing wall and can be easily self-installed. They provide natural rock features in four different patterns to reduce texture repetition, and the panels accept modular handholds. Lockable fold-up landing mats are available. Entre Prises provides a fun and challenging climbing experience.

Entre Prises USA Inc.: 800-580-5463