Pinch an Inch

The FatTrack GOLD Digital Body Fat Caliper with MyoTape enables a user to measure and track body fat percentage easily and accurately. Recommended by the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation, the new FatTrack GOLD Digital Body Fat Caliper with MyoTape meets the stringent requirements of weightlifters and bodybuilders. With the reliability and gold-standard accuracy of underwater-weighing tests—with digital performance—the FatTrack helps your patrons track their progress as they see fit. Whether you are a competitive lifter, personal trainer or simply trying to monitor your body fat to maintain great health, the FatTrack helps you develop more lean body mass.

AccuFitness LLC: 303-799-4721

Family Fitness

Quantum Fitness announced the versatile Quantum Quick Circuits. Both the Adult Circuit and the Kids Circuit utilize hydraulic resistance, and are easy to use and non-intimidating. These circuits are offered with unique adjustable resistance for users to progress according to their own ability. These compact units are designed to fit an entire circuit in a small amount of space and are easily portable. Quantum Quick Circuits deliver fast, effective workouts for the whole family. The circuits come complete with a very thorough interactive program that is designed specifically to help facilities and users gain the maximum benefit with maximum efficiency.

Quantum Fitness: 800-937-2282

Fountains and Aerators

Ppfc provides a vast array of products for ponds and pools. An authorized distributor and service center for Otterbine Aerators, Ppfc carries Otterbine's complete line of aeration and fountain systems, which provide water-quality solutions for your pond or lake, virtually eliminating algae and creating beautiful waterscapes.

Ponds, Pools & Fountains Corp.: 800-651-0002

Soil Solution

Redexim Charterhouse Inc. introduced a new heavy-duty model of the popular Verti-Quake rotary decompactor. Redexim now offers three models of the Verti-Quake: the 2516, the 2521 and the 3822. The Verti-Quake is a rotary aerator that decompacts the soil using a set of rotating steel blades. As these blades cut cleanly through the soil, they create a wave action that shatters compacted areas and opens up the subsoil. The new Verti-Quake 3822 can work at depths up to 15 inches with little or no surface disruption, and is available with the same direct-drive system and individual shear bolts that are popular on the smaller models.

Redexim Charterhouse: 800-597-5664

Sign Simplicity

Simple SignsTM will enhance the appearance of your site as well as provide orientation and direction for all of your sign projects. These signs never need painting, staining or refurbishing. Each sign is precision-computer-routed and tailored to your design specifications. The Plastic Lumber Company's experience, service and expertise in utilizing these materials will ensure that your signs will be completed on time and in a professional manner—all beautifully coordinated in maintenance-free signs.

The Plastic Lumber Company/Simple Signs: 800-886-8990

Fitness Underfoot

Taraflex® Sports Flooring by Gerflor expanded its flooring solution for fitness and aerobics centers with Taraflex® Locker and Taraflex® Fitness Tile. With the Taraflex® Fitness/Aerobics Global Solution, club managers get the advantages of Taraflex customer service, simplified maintenance and great-looking floors. Taraflex® Locker comes in seven Appearance Enhancement Designs (AEDs), varying from vibrant to neutral colors. It is 2.2 millimeters thick with a grained surface incorporating slip-resistant particles, and it prevents bacteria and fungus growth. Taraflex® Fitness Tile is available in eight assorted AED vivid and earth tones and is 5 millimeters thick. The semi-flexible tile has a calf texture and is resistant to scratches and indentation.

Taraflex® Sports Flooring by Gerflor: 800-727-7505


Stagestep/Aeson Flooring introduces Slip NoMor Finish, the newest innovation to its slip-resistance product line. Slip NoMor Finish is ideal for keeping any dance, theater or fitness flooring safe and looking like new for up to two years. With just one application (two coats), studios and facilities can control the degree of co-efficiency and have a consistent non-slip surface with no rinsing, re-applying or burnishing. Choose from vinyl or wood floor kit options, each including all materials and applicator. Kit includes one 1.3-gallon bottle of Cleaner/Stripper, two 1.5-gallon bottles of Finish, one 1.3-gallon bottle of Weekly Cleaner and one Applicator.

Stagestep/Aeson Flooring Systems: 800-523-0960


Perform Better introduced its heavy-duty 12-gauge-steel Drive Sled for pushing and pulling exercises. Cleverly designed rear handle lets you drive the sled from two different heights. Multiple plate storage stations allow for overload strength training while keeping the sled evenly balanced. Just add your Olympic Plates to achieve desired resistance. Heavy-duty harness lets you comfortable handle heavy loads. Only available in the 2007 Perform Better catalog.

Perform Better: 800-556-7464