Food for Thought

Gold Medal Products announced the release of its 63rd Edition 2007 FUN FOOD Catalog. The definitive guide to profit-building concepts, this full-color, 112-page catalog showcases the widest range of equipment and supplies in the concession industry. Everything necessary for producing money-makers such as popcorn, cotton candy, Sno-KonesĀ®, shaved ice, nachos, pizza, hot dogs, frozen drinks and many others can be found in this complete product overview. A wide range of new and enhanced items are featured in the 2007 FUN FOOD Catalog, including new poppers, cotton candy machines, Sno-Kone machines, new Whiz Bang games and much more.

Gold Medal Products: 800-543-0862

Walk on the Wild Side

The Playmotion Wiggle Walk's combination of moving and stationary pods challenges and entertains children of all ages. The Wiggle Walk keeps up with growing kids as they work on their balance skills and test each other with this versatile and fun play-circuit challenge. Founded in 1976, Xccent has a reputation for developing unique coatings and products, including a wide range of commercial playground components and outdoor furniture seen all across the United States in a variety of settings. This experience in coating and fabricating technology led to the development of Xccent's unique play assemblies and site amenities.

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