Field Marks

Newstripe Inc. announced the newly designed All-Pro 3. With the All-Pro 3, you can effortlessly line a field as fast as you can walk. Its 12-gallon tank means fewer stops to refill. One filling is enough to stripe a typical football practice field. The bi-directional spray head paints the front and back of the grass blades at the same time. Shut one nozzle off for striping practice fields and save money. The line width is adjustable from 2 to 6 inches. The All-Pro 3 features a 4.9-cubic-inch, commercial-grade cast-iron compressor that will outlast others four to one.

Newstripe Inc.: 800-624-6706

No Trans Fats

Lil' Orbits Inc. announced its automatic greaseless cooking machine, especially designed for pancakes and crepes. Dubbed the Uni-Matic, it uses DuPont Teflon belts, which travel over electrically heated platens during the cooking process. Solid-state controls yield perfectly cooked pancakes or other food items that are normally skillet-fried. The Uni-Matic sets up in minutes and produces pancakes in various sizes. It weighs less than 70 pounds and operates on 110-volt, 60 Hz or 220-volt, 50 Hz. Construction employs food-grade stainless steel and aluminum. A tamper-proof digital counter keeps track of products produced, and all components are interchangeable, which eliminates service calls.

Lil’ Orbits Inc.: 763-559-7505

Stripe On, Stripe Off

Pioneer's Titan Removable Paint System includes all the materials needed to conveniently add and remove paint from synthetic turf. It is great for facilities that use the same synthetic playing surface for multiple sports. Easily convert a synthetic multi-purpose field into a soccer field for a weekend tournament or create boundary lines for multiple indoor practices and scrimmages. The Titan Removable System involves no harsh solvents. To remove, simply add Titan Blitz Remover, agitate with the Titan Removable Machine and wash away with water.

Pioneer Athletics: 216-671-5500

Sticky Situation

Irresponsible chewers must be taught to discard their gum properly, and JJB Solutions has come up with just that solution. The new and innovative GUM BIN and GUM WRAP DISPENSER can be quickly and easily attached to bus stops, schools, train stations or walls, making them accessible to everyone. While the GUM WRAP DISPENSER offers square sheets that make discarding gum hygienic and easy, the GUM BIN leaves chewers no excuses to spit their gum out onto the street. Ideal for school swimming pools and artificial turf fields where gum is especially difficult to remove.

JJB Solutions Inc.: 800-813-4869

Reel Useful

Hannay Reels' all-new catalog features its line of pressure wash and spray hose reels. The full-color catalog includes information on Hannay's most popular reels for use in steam cleaning, wash-down, general maintenance and spray operations. Also included are compact reels for smaller, mobile steam cleaning and pressure-wash units, and portable garden hose reels for convenient use in grounds maintenance. Hannay pressure wash and spray hose reels are engineered to the most stringent of industry quality standards to hold up in demanding applications season after season. Hannay reel models require minimal maintenance and can be custom-designed to fit specific application needs.

Hannay Reels: 877-467-3357


GameTime offers two innovations in crawl-tube design—the Double Down Under and Criss Cross. The change in elevation offered by the Double Down Under tube increases the challenge and fun of exploring associated with crawl tubes. The new Double Down Under design offers four points of entry/exit, which leaves the path of play up to the child. The Criss Cross tube design allows for maximum play opportunities in a relatively small space. The Criss Cross tube design gives two different options of entry/exit to the same deck, leaving the choice up to the child.

GameTime: 800-235-2440

Bunker Flair

Broyhill's Legacy PRO® multi-purpose bunker vehicle features 3x3 hydrostatic AWD with zero-turn radius, 16-horsepower air-cooled engine, automatic throttle control with speeds up to 12 miles per hour, an ergonomic operator's seat with engine kill switch, improved operator controls, 12-volt power source, cup holder, rear cargo rack and headlight. The Legacy PRO® accepts a variety of attachments. Mid- and rear-mount attachments are controlled by standard hydraulic lift. Broyhill's sand rake offers an optional Finishing Brush that mounts on the sand rake for absolute smooth finish in your bunker. With optional hydraulic remote ports, the Legacy PRO® can tow Broyhill's TerraRoller roller-spiker, AccuAire core aerator and sprayers.

Broyhill: 800-228-1003

A Tight Spot

When working under sinks or in other awkward places, the Power-Vee is like having a third hand. Just squeeze the feed lever, and three offset rollers in the automatic feed grip the cable and drive it into the line. Handles 1/4-inch through 3/8-inch cables without any need for adjustment. Feeds and retrieves 3/8-inch cables at 16 feet per minute. Dyna-ThrustTM bearing system reduces motor wear and extends the life of the tool. Quick-change cable cartridges make cable changing clean and easy. FlexicoreTM wire rope center cables have unequalled strength and the right amount of flexibility.

General Pipe Cleaners: 800-245-6200