Row, Row, Row

The KETTLERĀ® X-Row, made in Germany, is ideal for institutional settings. The wireless control feature for varying resistance is conveniently located on the handlebar. No longer is it necessary to interrupt a manual training session to change resistance. With its maximum performance of a heaping 500 watts, it would be a great disservice to train without using the best equipment available. KETTLERĀ® is your choice for quality.

Kettler® International Inc.: 888-253-8853

Cover Up

CoverSports USA announced its new Storage Rack Cover. When not in use, the storage rack cover keeps cover and rack clean, dresses up the rack, and prevents people from leaning and climbing on the rack. The Storage Rack Cover can be customized with colors and logo.

CoverSports USA: 800-445-6680

Contamination Examination

If your club has an outdoor pool, and you're having problems with pollutants causing contamination in the pool and deck area, here is a solution. Pesticides, herbicides and lawn fertilizers are airborne. When carried into your outdoor pool area, they make a residue that causes contamination. With an ATRIA Pool Enclosure, the pool environment is controlled without the hazards of outside contaminants. Your facility can offer a safe swimming environment in winter or summer, which may also attract new members, an added bonus.

CCSI International Inc.: 800-537-8231