A Flooring Revolution

The Taraflex® Evolution System brings a hybrid solution to facilities wanting a DIN-certified floor with the durability to handle a full range of indoor sports and recreational programs. Taraflex® Evolution features a multilayer resilient vinyl surface with a 15-ply Birchwood subfloor. This combination delivers superior performance and a 61 percent shock absorption rate. The flooring's other characteristics include comfort, consistent ball bounce, accurate pivoting and turning, simplified maintenance and reduced friction burn and shin splint risk. Low maintenance plus resistance to climate change add up to energy savings and contribute to LEED certification. Available in more than 20 colors.

Taraflex Sports Flooring by Gerflor: 800-727-7505

Splitting Spaces

Modernfold is a recognized name in operable partitions and accordion doors. Modernfold space division products are found in offices, convention centers, hotels, schools and religious facilities around the world. Modernfold's goal is to provide aesthetically pleasing solutions for flexible space division through a full line of operable partitions, movable glass walls and accordion doors. Modernfold's products are custom-made to give the design team the flexibility to satisfy both form and function. Coverings and finishes are offered in a variety of choices to match or complement interior design elements.

Modernfold Inc.: 800-869-9685

Fun Fitness

Children's fitness must be fun, and using the right equipment can facilitate that. As movement education specialists since 1964, Gerstung has created play equipment that is child-appropriate and works well as a fitness concept for 7- to 14-year-olds. The newest fitness equipment components are designed with nothing but fun and games in mind. The elements attach to each other and can be arranged in many different ways. Gerstung offers problem-solving opportunities and teamwork, challenges creativity and encourages self-evaluation. Gerstung strives for more effort and determination. By having fun, we achieve improvement.

Gerstung/Gym-Thing Inc.: 800-922-3575