Paint it Quick

Looking to speed up your ice paint application process? Jet Ice Limited, one of the world's largest suppliers of quality ice paint, has developed a new product, the Paint Stick. This innovative product is designed to allow one technician to accurately apply lines and circles on the ice surface. The Paint Stick design is lightweight, offers the flexibility to adjust the liquid paint flow and, best of all, allows the technician to stand upright during the application process.

Jet Ice Ltd.

An Icy Milestone

Zamboni ice resurfacing machine number 8,500, a Zamboni Model 440, was recently delivered to Kitchener, Ontario. The skating rink receiving the Zamboni is one of seven ice arenas in Kitchener and home to the OHL Kitchener Rangers hockey team. The Zamboni Company introduced the world's first ice resurfacing machine in 1949, in Paramount, Calif., where Frank Zamboni, his brother and a cousin built the Iceland rink. Frank realized that to be successful, he would need to reduce time required to resurface the ice sheet. He spent nearly a decade developing the Model A ice resurfacer, the world's first self-propelled ice resurfacing machine.

Frank J. Zamboni & Co. Inc.: 562-633-0751

Chill Out

With the continuing trends of warmer winters, climate change and shortage of available time in community rinks, Custom Ice Rinks can provide a seasonal portable system or year-round sports pad for inline and tennis in the summer and an ice rink in the winter. Many communities, associations and homeowners are dependent on Mother Nature to keep the rink frozen, which can be very difficult these days. Custom Ice manufactures and installs complete refrigerated rinks that are designed to work in an outdoor or indoor environment. Custom Ice engineers and provides training rinks, studio rinks and municipal rinks.

Custom Ice Inc.: 905-632-8840

Ice-Free Hockey

IceCourt specializes in floors for roller sports. Its Exxess surface is selected for the premier inline hockey competitions worldwide, including the World Championships of FIRS and the International Ice Hockey Federation, Junior Olympics, Special Olympics, Professional Inline Hockey Association and other top tournaments. IceCourt is designed specifically for inline hockey, with patented surface features, which enhance puck stability, puck speed and wheel grip. IceCourt is virtually seamless and the strongest tile surface against abuse, indoors and out.

IceCourt LLC: 800-206-5060

Dino-Might Flooring

Tough enough to endure the effects of skates and equipment, yet stylish enough for lobbies, rental shops, locker rooms and corridors, DINOFLEX Sport Mat Recycled Rubber Flooring is ideal for the arena industry. For extra protection in penalty and player boxes, walk-off areas and other high-pivot zones, use DINOFLEX Dinomats. This 100 percent recycled, vulcanized product comes with a five-year full warranty and provides the industrial strength needed for these specialized areas. With lasting benefits, such as durability, slip resistance and low maintenance, DINOFLEX Recycled Rubber Surfacing is a wise investment for quality- and economy-conscious customers.

DINOFLEX Manufacturing Ltd.: 877-713-1899

Blades or Wheels?

Surface America has the hockey flooring you need. Step off the ice onto TuffRollTM . Sure footing, comfort and durability will meet the players at the boards. Enjoy the same consistent TuffRoll characteristics with any type of footwear. Pictured is a 30,000-square-foot installation at the Pepsi Center in Amherst, N.Y.—over 12-years-old and still going strong. Inline hockey flooring is also in Surface America's repertoire. AmeriTileTM Indoor Sport features a rubber underlayment that absorbs both shock and sound. AmeriTile provides tremendous playability—true ball roll and smooth skating.

Surface America: 800-999-0555

Wring Out the Rink

Des Champs offers two dehumidification systems to fulfill the unique requirements of ice rinks. The Wringer®3000 and Wringer®3000 Plus (with energy recovery) desiccant dehumidifiers deliver dry air to maintain ice hardness, limit fogging and maintain structure integrity while minimizing energy costs. Both systems can have up to three operational modes: unoccupied mode, utilizing 100-percent recirculation air; normal occupied or practice mode, utilizing minimum ventilation air; and event mode, utilizing 100 percent of ASHRAE/IBC-recommended ventilation air. Features include a state-of-the-art DDC control system for positive rink dew-point control and supplemental winter heating with indirect-fired gas, hot water, steam or electric.

Des Champs Technologies: 540-291-1111

Safety on the Ice

Athletica has developed an innovation to make the hockey environment more forgiving, with SoftCapTM , a flexible plastic cap rail developed to help reduce impact at the most likely point of contact on the dasherboards—where the boards meet the shielding. Formal testing shows SoftCap, with its hollow channel design, absorbs impact 96 percent better than the traditional HDPE cap rail. The NHL tested the product thoroughly, was very pleased with the results and has approved it for all NHL arenas. Athletica is looking forward to improving safety at the professional, college, high school and recreational level with SoftCap.

Athletica: 800-809-RINK (7465)