SNAPSPORTS INC. manufactures and sells premium multi-game courts and high-performance gym flooring. With a complete line of sports components, your facility can update, retrofit or build a state-of-the-art game court or gym. Play up to 15 games on your game court, such as basketball, volleyball, paddle sports and hockey. SnapSports has engineered and developed some of the most innovative, multi-patent surfacing products in the industry and offers more than 30 years of court-building experience.

Snapsports Inc.: 800-664-3865

TUFLEX 27-inch-by-27-inch, 3/8-inch-thick resilient rubber tiles are tough enough to withstand damage from dropped weights, ice skate blades, baseball and football cleats, and will stay new-looking for years. A leader in resilient flooring for more than 50 years, Tuflex is popular in weight rooms, cardiovascular areas and locker rooms. Small wonder it's preferred by top fitness centers and is the sports floor of choice for NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB and WNBA teams nationwide.

Tuflex: 800-543-0393

With a comprehensive selection of products manufactured from 100-percent-recycled plastic at your fingertips, PLASTIC RECYCLING OF IOWA FALLS provides a convenient online source to meet all your park and recreation needs. You'll find the ability to obtain product information needed to complete purchases quickly, with confidence and at best value. From park benches and trash receptacles to speed bumps and car stops, you're sure to find it here.

Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls: 800-338-1438

KAY PARK-RECREATION CORPORATION has manufactured some of America's finest park equipment in the heartland of the United States since 1954. The product line featured on the company's Web site includes picnic tables, park benches, bleachers, litter receptacles, bike racks, charcoal grills, drinking fountains, pedal boats, planters and more. Many styles, sizes and material choices are available. Call for a full-line print catalog or visit the Web site for superior "heartland" quality and customer service.

Kay Park-Recreation Corporation: 800-553-2476

The HALSEY-TAYLOR Web site features photos and detailed information on its extensive line of standard and ADA-compliant indoor and outdoor water coolers and drinking fountains, all certified to NSF/ANSI 61. The site also has sales rep, wholesaler and service agent locators, as well as troubleshooting and sizing guides, owners manuals and product specification sheets that can be downloaded and printed. Halsey Taylor has been satisfying thirsts since 1912.

Halsey-Taylor: 630-574-3500

Value, compliance to safety standards, maintenance requirements, cost, warranty and design considerations are just a few of the pieces of information essential to selecting appropriate playground safety surfacing. The SOFSURFACES Web site provides the latest industry information, including full product comparisons, a design center and a list of the best questions to ask when designing and researching playground surfacing projects. SofSurfaces' primary goal is to educate consumers regarding the best available solution for their playgrounds.

Sofsurfaces: 800-263-2363

RAIN DROP PRODUCTS' name has been synonymous with water for more than 23 years. Quality workmanship, ease of operation, proven materials and first-rate customer service—combined with a commitment to providing a safe, fun and healthy environment—make Rain Drop Products an industry leader in water recreation products.

Rain Drop Products: 800-343-6063

REHAMED INTERNATIONAL is a manufacturer of an extensive line of pool lifts, including the PAL Portable Aquatic Lift, and the VitaGlide line of upper-body exercise systems. The Web site contains complete information about all of the company's products, including specifications and drawings in both a CAD and PDF format. In addition, there are a number of video files that demonstrate the operation of various components. The site also features a number of files for download, including brochures and related information.

Rehamed International: 800-577-4424