Fresh Air

Biological Mediation Systems has developed a proven system solution for reducing odors, pumping costs and cleaning labor. Using cutting-edge waterless and odorless vault restroom technology, the patented WRS system is effective for remote back-country and heavy-traffic locations. Fresh air is continually pulled into the restroom vault mechanically through the toilet riser, urinal and floor drain. Air then enters the BMS patented waste reduction system and is exhausted through a vent pipe. Restrooms can often be installed and operational, with minimal site disturbance, the same day.

Biological Mediation Systems Inc.: 800-524-1097

Safe and Clean

For more than 30 years, The Public Restroom Company's principals have specialized in the design and construction of pre-engineered restrooms, concession and storage buildings nationwide. The Public Restroom Company is a leader in matching site-specific architecture. Unique materials of construction reduce maintenance, such as the impregnated concrete floor system that won't absorb any liquid, which creates odor. The woven-wire stainless vent screen "over-ventilates" the restroom interior and provides safety, allowing users to shout if any danger arises. Call today to learn how The Public Restroom Company can help on your next park project.

The Public Restroom Company: 888-888-2060

Quick and Easy

Easi-Set® transportable precast concrete buildings offer a lifetime, maintenance-free solution suitable for almost any application. The buildings can be used as restrooms, concession stands, press boxes, ticket kiosks, equipment storage and more. Custom sizes and a variety of exteriors are available so buildings can fully meet the customer's needs while blending in with nearby structures. Easi-Set® buildings cost significantly less than comparable built-in-place construction, can be readily relocated as requirements change and are unsurpassed in durability. Easi-Set® buildings are produced and outfitted (optional) by local manufacturers, and can be transported to your site and installed in as little as a few hours.

Easi-Set Industries: 800-547-4045

Modular Option

Modern specializes in design-built, factory-manufactured, precast concrete modular restroom and concession stand units. Modern has 10 years of experience in standard and custom-designed Easi-Set® Restrooms and Concession Stands. These precast concrete buildings are manufactured and finished to provide high durability and low maintenance. Exterior and interior options are available to create a restroom or concession stand aesthetically pleasing in your setting. All restroom structures are ADA-compliant. Water or waterless restrooms are available. Units can be delivered and set in a day or two.

Modern Precast Concrete: 484-548-6506

Being Green

Restroom Solutions Inc. for 20 years has provided green solutions for park and recreation facilities. RSI features waterless, composting and dehydration on-site human waste management systems, recycled and environmentally compatible products, solar energy and energy-saving devices. Restroom Solutions remains ahead of the green building systems curve, as represented at Richey Woods Nature Preserve in Fishers, Ind.: a premier prefabricated, waterless, odor-free, self-contained composting restroom featuring non-combustible, stainless-steel composters, cement board simulated "cedar" siding on steel frame, frp interior, stainless-steel toilets and hand sanitizers. One of numerous economical and ecological restroom solutions. RSI also builds green flush systems.

Restroom Solutions Inc.: 800-678-0284

Be Pre-Prepared

Hunter Knepshield's modular restroom facilities include solutions for virtually any situation with fast turnaround and simple site preparation. Pre-manufactured for economy and ease of installation, the buildings are pre-plumbed, pre-wired and shipped ready for placement. Interiors are designed for low maintenance, including wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling reinforced fiberglass for easy washdown. A variety of plumbing choices including composting toilets, chemical toilets and flush toilets are available to match on-site resources.

Hunter Knepshield Company: 800-626-6530

Solutions That Work

Restroom Facilities Ltd. specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of public restrooms and concessions nationwide. For over 18 years, they have focused on finding solutions for the ever-changing problems of vandalism, safety and cleanliness associated with public restrooms. Your restroom is built in the 61,000-square-foot, temperature-controlled plant, shipped by truck and installed in just two to five days. This whole process minimizes construction time needed, as well as the site disruption and safety hazards common with site-built construction. Call today for a free consultation regarding your restroom needs.

Restroom Facilities Ltd.: 775-327-6060

Put It Anywhere

The Clivus Multrum M54 Trailhead is a composting toilet system with handicapped-accessible bathroom structure designed to go anywhere. Through natural, biological decomposition, the system produces a safe, useful solid compost and liquid fertilizer. The Trailhead structure comes in a variety of styles and can ship as either a kit or a prefabricated unit. The Trailhead is available in single- and double-stall configurations. Like other Clivus systems, the Trailhead is odorless, requires no water or sewer connection and does not pollute.

Clivus Multrum: 800-425-4887