On the Bench

Steel Bench 169 by DuMor Inc. features a new 1/4-inch-by-1-inch slotted perforated steel seat and flared armrests along with a contemporary design. Cast-iron supports and stainless-steel fasteners add to the durability of the bench, whether used indoors or out. To help complete your site, Bench 169 also comes with a companion ash urn, receptacle and planter. Choose from 6-foot or 8-foot lengths.

DuMor Inc.: 800-598-4018

Lock it Up

Constructed of 14-gauge steel, Salsbury's extra-wide vented lockers provide visibility and maximum airflow with ample storage space for athletic and other environments. Established in 1936, Salsbury Industries is a leader in manufacturing and distributing quality lockers and mailboxes. The organization prides itself in providing quality products and exceptional service. Products include Standard, Vented, Designer, Extra Wide, Open Access, Plastic, Storage Lockers, signage and mailboxes.

Salsbury Industries: 800-LOCKERS (562-5377)

Toughen Up

Heavy use and abuse, water damage and vandalism are everyday issues in recreation property restroom and locker room environments. SCRC, engineered by Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc., is for heavy-traffic environments and features superior non-ghosting graffiti removal, and scratch-, dent- and impact-resistance according to independent ASTM testing. Moisture-resistant, SCRC withstands hose-down maintenance and installation near swimming pools. A contributor to LEED certification, SierraSeries® SCRC also meets Class B ASTM E84 Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish Classification.

Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc.: 800-553-1600


MerMade Filter's Fiberglass Surge Tanks are shipped with internal float valves for the main drain line and flanged connections for main drain, gutter and pump suction lines. Available in 30 inches to 120 inches diameter, they can be supplied in multiple segments that are carried into the filter room and final-assembled. Optional side man way with a clear cover allows inspection of tank internals and easy access for maintenance.

MerMade Filter: 803-793-4265

The Air in There

Otterbine aerators provide natural solutions to water quality problems that threaten your pond or lake. Both their surface and sub-surface aeration systems effectively induce oxygen into the water column promoting natural aerobic digestion of excessive waste, runoff and algae that can consume your water features. Otterbine aerators can deter algae growth, odor, fish kills and discoloration, as well as deter insects, so in most cases there is no need for the additional use of chemicals or algaecides. Ideal for irrigation, recreational and leisure ponds, inlets and canals, Otterbine aerating fountains offer superior water quality management.

Otterbine Barebo Inc.: 800-237-8837

On the Wall

frpDesign Solutions is a family of decorative wall panels that provides an alternative to traditional wall coverings such as ceramic tile, wood paneling or vinyl wall coverings. Offering both functionality and design, products in this line are made of a moisture-resistant frp panel with a decorative finish that includes a myriad of colors, patterns and wood grains, as well as a tile-look panel.

Crane Composites Inc.: 800-435-0080

Ride and Mow

The Walker Riding Mower is one of the most compact zero-turn-radius mowers available. Nine tractor models are offered from 13 to 31 hp with gas or diesel engines and 11 mower deck sizes, ranging from 36 to 74 inches with grass collection, side discharge or mulching capability. All decks tilt up to 90 degrees for easy maintenance and compact storage. In conjunction with Kohler Engines, Walker has become an industry leader for electronic fuel injection (EFI) designs in power equipment—an efficiency that offers easy starting over a wide temperature range, less maintenance and improved throttle response, along with considerable fuel savings.

Walker Manufacturing Company: 800-279-8537


Atria rigid-frame pool enclosures are designed to provide some of the most advanced commercial technology available in today's market. Baked-on color-coated aluminum frames and rafters minimize maintenance. Atria's electric-opening roof system has long been accepted for quality and long-term dependability. Light-transmitting insulated opening roof panels allow natural ventilation. Now available, Atria provides the option of a battery backup system for pool enclosures in areas prone to power outages. The roof panels can be closed easily with battery power to secure the enclosure from inclement weather. For four decades, CCSI has been a leader in the development of commercial aquatic enclosures.

CCSI International Inc.: 800-537-8231