High-Tech Turf

FieldTurf DUO combines four special monofilament fibers with four softer rectangular monofilament fibers. Created with the most advanced technology and twisted together in a patent-pending design, the result is a unique eight-part fiber pile. DUO's spined fibers remain upright and contribute to superior aesthetics and playing properties, while the softer, flat fibers lay over to encapsulate and stabilize the infill. Exhaustive biomechanical testing confirmed that DUO matches up so closely to the playing characteristics of good natural grass that players rarely notice the difference.

FieldTurf Tarkett: 800-724-2969

Sticky Stuff

Pictured is the NORDOT® Outdoor Adhesive being applied to a concrete boat dock before red synthetic turf is unrolled onto it for bonding. NORDOT® Outdoor Adhesive is a critical component for this type of installation because of its outstanding salt- and fresh-water resistance, plus its proven long-term exterior durability under variable, adverse and sometimes brutal weather and climate conditions.

Synthetic Surfaces: 908-233-6803

Sport Synthetics

Beynon Sports Surfaces is a leader in the sports surfacing industry, with a commitment to providing the highest-performance synthetic athletic surfaces for athletes across the globe. Since 1974, Beynon Sports Surfaces has completed more than 450 outdoor running tracks and more than 5,000 indoor gymnasium and fieldhouse floors at some of the world's most celebrated athletic facilities, such as the Thomas A. Robinson Stadium in Nassau, Bahamas; Louisiana State University; Hayward Field at the University of Oregon; Mitchell Park in New York; and the 2008 Olympic Trials.

Beynon Sports Surfaces Inc.: 410-771-9473

Sideline Protection

With Bench ZoneTM Sideline Turf Protector, cleats cannot penetrate, but rain, sports drinks and body fluids drain through and are not absorbed, unlike geotextile mats that can triple in weight and develop odors. VipolTM Matrix material lets air and sunlight penetrate, does not compact grass and can simply be hosed off to clean. It comes in lengths of 50 feet, 75 feet, 100 feet, 125 feet or 150 feet. Custom colors and sizes are available. Used by major colleges and NFL teams including the Packers, Redskins, Texans, Chargers and Chiefs. Also great protection for high-traffic band, concession, audience and special event areas.

Aer-Flo Inc.: 800-823-7356

Court Sport

The Mateflex II modular tennis surface represents the very latest in design technology from an original U.S. manufacturer of modular sports flooring. It is specifically engineered from the ground up for tennis play. A Mateflex surface combines the comfort and resiliency of a soft court with the durability and low maintenance of a hard court.

Matéflex: 800-926-3539

Tuft Tech

At Evergreen, your turf is manufactured by state-of-the-art tufting equipment. Evergreen recently announced the turf industry's first Microsoft Dynamics®-operated tufting machine. This computer-controlled, servo-driven system automates the setup and operation of the tufting machine, improving both efficiency and quality control. The new "Streamline" system helps Evergreen manufacture more than 700 different specifications for the nation's turf contractors. Learn more by viewing the secured online "TURFCAM" and watch as each field is manufactured to Evergreen's meticulous standards.

Evergreen Synthetic Turf Mills: 800-567-8802

All-Sports Solutions

From gymnasiums to football fields, baseball diamonds to tennis courts—the CoverSports catalog showcases the company's entire range of products. Featured are gym floor covers, gym mats and indoor padding, wind and privacy screens, digitally printed banners, fence-top protection, portable dugouts, temporary outdoor fencing, sideline tarps, stadium covers and padding, winter turf blankets, all-sports shelters and dugouts, and more. The catalog and accompanying product samples detail the wide assortment of colors, sizes, warranty information, storage options and other features. It also highlights the company's new color and logo customization capabilities.

CoverSports USA: 800-445-6680

Grass Green

TifSport's turf quality, turf density and turf strength all help it recover rapidly from injury and stress. This is a bermudagrass that's ideal for sports fields and golf course fairways, roughs and tees. In addition to superior color, cold-hardiness and disease resistance, it handles frequent, lower mowing heights exceedingly well. TifSport can only be sold as certified sod or sprigs and only by licensed members of TifSport Growers Association. This premier group of sod producers has agreed to strict production practices set up by the Georgia Seed Development Commission designed to promote ongoing purity and uniformity.

TifSport: 706-542-5640