Going Galvanized

The ARC Pro Series equipment, which has been a favorite for municipalities around the country, is now even better. Beginning in 2008, ARC will now use galvanized steel for all the ramp surfaces before they are powder coated. This extra step will ensure that the Pro Series will offer the ultimate in corrosion protection. For your skatepark needs, skater-owned and -operated American Ramp Company is a name to trust.

American Ramp Company: 877-RAMP-778 (726-7778)

Totally Modular

Skatewave modular skatepark systems provide skatepark planners with an unlimited number of design options for creating custom configured obstacles, multi-level platforms and expansive skate plazas. These designs can be reconfigured at any time to provide riders with a fresh new skating experience. Since its introduction in March 2001, Skatewave has installed more than 500 skateparks in communities just like yours. Skatewave is a division of Landscape Structures Inc.

Skatewave: 866-SK8-WAVE (758-9283)

Affordable Skateparks

SunRamps are one of the most affordable, quality skateparks on the market. Designed for multiple user groups—'boarders, ‘bikers and ‘bladers—SunRamps are ideal for any organization, from youth centers and churches to municipalities and military bases. All SunRamps are weather-resistant and virtually maintenance-free. Made with an exclusive molded wood core, polyurethane encapsulation, rust-free aluminum and Transition BootsTM that grip and protect surfaces, these ramps are safe for indoor and outdoor use. Little to no assembly is required, and ramps are available to fit any budget or space.

SunRamp Solutions Inc.: 877-978-6726

Tricks and Stunts

Woordward® Ramps & Rails by Playworld Systems Inc. helps kids extend the adventure and creativity of unstructured play activities into their teenage and young adult years. Play is disguised by cool tricks and daring stunts as skateboarders, inline skaters and BMX bikers explore new challenges and experiment with new skills on ramps, rails, ledges, wedge corners and other skatepark products. Woodward Ramps & Rails equipment utilizes the most durable, highest-quality materials available to ensure a sturdy and safe environment and can be mixed and matched to create a custom-designed park that fits the preferences of any community.

Playworld Systems Inc.: 800-233-8404

Get Your Mojo Workin'

Whether you are a skateboarder, snowboarder, inline skater or BMX rider, Mojo Rails offers unique products to add to your multi-use park. All of Mojo's products are made with high-tensile-strength steel and welded 360 degrees. Pictured is the Mojo Rails Complete Skate Park, which includes two 4-foot Quarter Pipes, one Port-a-Park with two Wedge Ramps, one Street Box and one 4-foot Grind Rail, one Skate Bench, two Sky Ramps, one 7.5-foot square Grind Rail and one 7-foot Grind Rail. All Mojo products in the Complete Skate Park are also available separately.

Mojo Rails: 800-316-0318

Design It, Build It

Spohn Ranch offers turnkey skatepark design/build services for all major types of skateparks and skate-proof site amenities. Its latest advance is SpohnCrete—a revolutionary system of factory precision-cast concrete skatepark components that are shipped to your site ready for installation. Spohn Ranch's proprietary mixture yields high-strength 6000 psi concrete, resulting in a glassy smooth surface, requiring far less time and resources than poured-in-place parks. SpohnCrete's extra-wide stainless-steel edging provides superior wear protection, even from BMX bike pegs. Anti-graffiti coating and five-year warranty available.

Spohn Ranch Inc.: 877-489-3539

The Ultimate Ride

More than 120 different modular, fun and exciting skating and biking obstacles are available from Sk8parks International®. Each modular Sk8park unit is prefabricated for easy and quick installation, and all equipment is 100 percent steel, which provides for optimal durability and maintenance-free construction. No screws or bolts are ever used on the riding surface to keep riders safe from injuries. The product warranty ensures a 20-year guarantee on main structures, platforms, decks and railings when due to structural failure.

Sk8parks International: 877-891-1283