Resistance Is Not Futile

SPRI's new patented Braided TubingTM takes rubber resistance to the next level. Four durable tubes are braided together, creating dynamic full-body workout tools. This easily transported, indoor/outdoor tubing is particularly effective when the band is wrapped around a stationary object or the body, creating a high-resistance tool that is perfect for strengthening and conditioning workouts. It comes in a variety of styles—SpeedCordTM , TrainingCordTM , SportCordTM and SportCord PlusTM –and resistance levels. It is all-purpose, go-anywhere, do-anything resistance equipment designed to build strength, speed, quickness and power.

SPRI Products Inc.: 800-222-7774

Air Exchange

E-Z-Aire® is an economical packaged, makeup air unit with a high-efficiency heat exchanger that brings in fresh outdoor air while exhausting a like amount of stale, polluted air. The air is exchanged while recovering significant heat energy from the exhaust air stream and transferring only the heat energy to the supply air, thus tempering the incoming air. Ten E-Z-Aire models are available with a wide range of operating flows and efficiencies. Applications include schools, restaurants, airports, veterinary hospitals, indoor swimming pools, office buildings, convenience stores, hair and nail salons, nursing homes and lounges.

Des Champs Products: 540-291-1111

Slice It

G2 turftools inc. has begun production of a new patent-pending product, the Turfslicer. It joins three other products, the Turfroller, the Turfrack and the Turffloat. This new invention is designed as a tractor attachment that can be easily operated with existing controls. It can be installed on a Turffloat frame to both float and slice and area of turf at the same time, or it can be installed on a separate Turfslicer frame. The Turfslicer, when attached to the Turffloat frame, provides an easy and effective way to grind up aeration cores, mix the material with the topdressing and redeposit the material into low areas.

G2 turftools inc.: 256-497-3914

Beneath the Surface

HPG International offers fish-grade vinyl sheeting for use in lining ponds. The new film material is designed specifically for fish ponds and streams and is available in both black and white colors. Available in both 20- and 30-mil thickness, this new material is ideal for recreational facilities that want to add water elements to their landscaping areas.

HPG International: 800-242-3909

Fenced In

Evolution Fence Company, a manufacturer of quality ornamental, powder-coated aluminum fencing, offers unique products to enclose recreational facilities and grounds. The Evolution Fence system uses a unique patent-pending locking system called Fusion-LocTM , which joins fence pickets to rails as well as assembled panels to posts and eliminates the use of all screws. The system creates a no-rattle uni-body fence for a more durable and rigid fence. Evolution fences come with a limited lifetime warranty against warping, cracking, shrinking, buckling, splitting and twisting.

Evolution Fence: 631-951-9800

Aeration Revolution

DryJect® provides a revolutionary approach to soil aeration for sports fields and landscape areas. The patented technology uses water to fracture the soil while simultaneously injecting large volumes of dry material into the soil. This method achieves deep root injection of various materials to change the soil profile. Other advantages of DryJect include aerating, topdressing and amending in one operation, and attaining the benefits of core aeration without the cleanup. In addition, since the DryJect aeration service leaves a smooth surface, turf downtime is minimized.

Profile Products: 800-207-6457

Dasherboard Alternative

Organizations interested in improving their facilities and adding a fun and affordable rink system will benefit from the ProWallTM Rink Containment System. ProWall is a rotationally molded plastic dasherboard system customized for hockey, lacrosse, soccer, football and other enclosed sport activities. ProWall can be designed for permanent or portable applications and can host a variety of upper containment options. ProWall costs 50 percent to 75 percent less than traditional dasherboard systems and includes three anchoring options—portable, permanent (steel posts into ground) and semi-permanent (5/8-inch anchor bolts with anchor plates). Interlocking features on the back of each panel allow for storage and transport stacking.

Sport Resource Group: 888-808-RINK (7465)